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Who Are We

STUDY GO for Studying in Turkey is a Turkish company specializing in educational consultancy and student support services.   We have a professional multilingual and multinational team, which is happy to provide free consultations  in  Arabic, Turkish and English, to foreign students  wishing   to register at private universities in Turkey, and support them throughout their […]

TR-YÖS Central Unified Exam 2023

The Council of Higher Education in Turkey decided to conduct an entrance exam for foreign students in Turkish universities (the unified central YOS exam), starting from the year 2023, to accept students from abroad, in order to complete their undergraduate studies in a Turkish university. What is the unified central YOS exam? TR-YOS Based on […]

Study In Turkey 2023

Studying in Turkey is distinguished in terms of the quality of education, the study environment for the foreign student, study costs, internationally recognized university degrees, the free scholarship program, and other matters of interest to foreign students wishing to study in Turkey. How do I study in Turkey for free? With Study GO consultants, we […]