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With a six years’ experience, and a work team of different nationalities and multiple languages of Arabic, Turkish and English, after proving success in providing the best offers and services to students who wish to study in Turkey, by establishing trust between us and more than 500 students and with an official authorization from the Turkish government we established STUDY GO company to be the first option for students that are willing to study in Turkey safely and with guaranteeing.

The most important study majors

ستاديكو للدراسة في تركيا | سجل في الجامعات التركية الخاصة | Study Go Turkey
جامعة اوسكودار | الجامعات التركية الخاصة | الدراسة في تركيا | ستاديكو للاستشارات التعليمية

Uskudar University

جامعة بهشة شهير | الجامعات التركية الخاصة | الدراسة في تركيا | ستاديكو للاستشارات التعليمية

BAU University

جامعة أيدن | الجامعات التركية الخاصة | الدراسة في تركيا | ستاديكو للاستشارات التعليمية

Aydin University

جامعة اوكان | الجامعات التركية الخاصة | الدراسة في تركيا | ستاديكو للاستشارات التعليمية

Okan University

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There are only 5 steps to sign up:

1. Choose a program and a university.

In Turkey there are hundreds of universities that include thousands of specialities for the variety of educational stages, your first step to sign up is to choose the speciality or the field that you are willing to study, as you can choose between many of the private universities that are available to sign up with us.

2. Acquire information about fees and the study language.

STUDY GO team provides you with enough and detailed information regarding the university that you chose and the desired specialization regarding the number of years, education language and the prices before and after the discount, in addition to the discounts and the partial scholarships that are available for the speciality when available.

3. View the admission requirements.

STUDY GO team informs you with all the general and specific requirements regarding the university and the required speciality so that you can apply and guarantee the acceptance 100% so you can avoid any flaw, lack of requirements or documents.

4. Prepare the documents for submission.

All the student’s documents are prepared to be submitted to the university and to start the enrolment, the documents must be clear and scanned with the format of JPG or PDF as our team will provide you with all the required documents according to the educational stage.

5. Submit your application to get the admission and the Visa.

The student fills out the registration form with their information accurately, in addition to uploading all the documents and then submit the registration application, and our team will send the final acceptance when it is issued so that the student can obtain the visa from the Turkish consulate in their country.

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STUDY GO is an agent for the most important private universities