Cyber security

Protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, and data from attacks is the goal of cybersecurity. It’s also known as information security or computer security.

Due to the large amount of sensitive data now being held in the digital domain, it is vital to secure and safeguard it from harmful actors. Cybersecurity professionals are the most effective line of defense against such attacks on computer networks and electronic infrastructures.

Graduates of the program will have the necessary theoretical and technological knowledge, as well as the abilities to practice their careers.

Where Can Cybersecurity Graduates Work?

Graduates of the program will be qualified for positions such as information security specialist, secure software specialist, information security analyst, network security specialist, penetration testing specialist, vulnerability analyst, malware analyst, information security manager, security architect, and so on, or they will be able to pursue a doctorate.

Just simple steps

To start your study in Türkiye

    Universities where the specialization is available

    Some of the most reputed universities that teach Cyber Security in English are listed below:

    University Language Price Before Price After Apply
    Üsküdar English 3300 3300 Apply Now
    Halic English 5000 5000 Apply Now

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    FAQs about specialization

    Students study four years to complete the specialization in Cyber security in private Turkish universities without the preparatory year for the language, whether English or Turkish.

    Registration does not require any special papers other than a high school diploma, a valid passport, and transcripts for the high school diploma.

    Registration in the specialization does not require acceptance tests, but rather an English or Turkish language certificate, according to the language of study, or a preparatory year for the language in the event that the student does not have a certificate.

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