As of the beginning of the academic year 2023-2024, a decision is issued regarding the study in Turkey for Jordanians:

  • The minimum admission rates for the Jordanian General Secondary School or its equivalent have been raised to enroll in non-Jordanian foreign universities outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan:
    • Medicine and dentistry 85 percent
    • Engineering, architecture, pharmacy and veterinary medicine 80%
    • The rest of the majors are subject to the minimum limits of admissions in the official Jordanian universities (successful orientation)


  • Agreeing that the period of residence in Turkey and regularity in the country of study be as follows, starting from the academic year (2023-2024)
  1. Bachelor’s degree Regularity and residence in Turkey for the duration of the study.
  2. A master’s degree (all disciplines) for each academic year is eight months, which can be divided into a period of no less than four consecutive months or a full semester until the completion of the required period.
  3. Doctorate degree (all disciplines) Regularity and residence in the country of study for a period of five semesters at a rate of (20) months that can be divided so that each period of residence is not less than four months until the completion of the period of residence required for all specializations.

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