The nursing profession is one of the oldest professions in history. It is considered one of the most important sciences and health professions. It is an essential part of the medical and health system. The objective of this profession is to provide whole-patient care.

Nursing is one of the oldest, indispensable professions that exist since ancient times. A human profession that reflects the highest values of empathy. Nurses are called angels of mercy. Nursing is a specialty that works and merges with a medical specialty. They do complete each other.

The importance of nursing had emerged with the corona pandemic, and how millions of people had been infected. It is here where the nurses’ services proved their value by saving plenty of lives around the world.

Study nursing in Turkey

Turkey is one of the developed countries in the health fields, Turkish hospitals are pioneering, developed, and the staff is excellently expert and trained. This is due to the development of Turkish universities, the progress and excellence of their health departments and faculties, where many expert doctors and nurses study and work inside and outside Turkey.

Medical faculties and institutes in turkey have evolved rapidly, providing for students the best theoretical knowledge, and offering a practical trainee inside of hospitals and laboratories, to help them to gain experiences. As a result, this will undoubtedly increase the education quality; students’ experiences and help them to integrate the professional environment with the best conditions.

History of nursing studies in turkey:

Turkey established its first nursing institute in 1925, “The girls nursing school”.  In 1946, the girls health secondary schools were established to graduate nurses to work in Turkish hospitals. And in 1939, the military nursing school was opened.

However, about the nursing legal statute. In 2007, nursing was legally defined as a profession and a field of study at the universities.

Number of years of nursing studies in turkey

The duration of nursing specialization in turkey is four years divided into 8 semesters, plus a year for language study if the student does not have a Turkish or English proficiency degree in some universities.

Professional fields for nursing graduates

  • Working as a nurse in public and private hospitals, besides joining medical staff and departments.
  • Working in physical therapy centers.
  • Working with humanitarian organizations in the medical sector.
  • Working in health centers, medical points, and children’s centers.
  • Working in the health education sector.
  • Working in schools and educational centers.
  • Working outside turkey and traveling to work in the nursing sectors abroad. Because nursing is one of the most demanding and interesting professions.

Study nursing with the English language in turkey

Some Turkish private universities allow nursing to be studied in English and offer advanced educational programs with high educational quality.

Documents required to study nursing in Turkish universities

  • Application form.
  • High school diploma.
  • English language proficiency certificate (TOEFL or university proficiency test that the student has to take once he arrives.
  • Turkish proficiency certificate (Tömer or university proficiency test upon arrival).
  • Statement of purpose that explains your motivation and why you have chosen the particular university and specialty.
  • Proof of application fee payment.
  • Proof of finds showing that you can take care of your living expenses during your studies.

Nursing branches in turkey

Nursing is one of the most important departments that have many professional and scientific fields, including:

  • Clinical nursing.
  • Emergencies and accidents.
  • Intensive care nursing.
  • Mental health nursing.
  • Operations and anesthesia.
  • Maternal and child health nursing.
  • Community health nursing.

The best Turkish universities for nursing

1- Study nursing at Bahçeşehir University

Founded in 1998 and ranked 37th in Turkey. Bahçeşehir University is located in Istanbul on the European side, with 4 branches. This university provides the best laboratories and professional training. Besides, it is one of the few universities that offer programs in Turkish and English.

2- Study nursing at Istanbul Aydın university

 Istanbul Aydın Üniversitesi was founded by the Anatolian Foundation for Education and Culture (AKEV). it has about 39,000 students, collaborates with 450 international universities. 63 bachelor’s degree programs. 74 master’s degree programs and 17 Ph.D. programs with 11 faculty that offer programs in English and Turkish.

3- Study nursing at Medipol university

Located in Istanbul on the European side, this university is concerned as one of the best medical universities in Turkey and the European continent.

It has a university hospital complex and preparation laboratories in the department of nutrition. Medipol University offers programs in Turkish and English languages.

4- Study nursing at Biruni university

Located in Istanbul. BIRUNI UNIVERSITY has more than 7000 students and 6 faculties. It is one of the best medicine universities in Turkey. It IS concerned as a reference for research in the medical filed. In addition, it attracts many foreign students. The program is offered in both languages Turkish and English.

5- Study nursing at Istanbul Gelişim University

Located in Istanbul near to Avcilar region. Gilişim University  has 31,000 students, offers 57 educational programs, consists of 3 faculties, 117 laboratories, and its nursing department is studied in Turkish.

6- Study nursing at Üsküdar University

Founded in 2011 by NP ISTANBUL Brain Group (a leading medical group in the fields of treatment, psychological rehabilitation, and mental health). It is the university, which established the first laboratory of  psychiatric and neurological drugs in Turkey. And today Üsküdar University is a leader in using technology.

7- Study nursing at Haliç University

Founded in 1998 in Istanbul. Haliç University has 10,000 students, and it is one of the best universities in Turkey, with 6 faculties. It provides a distance learning system. Besides, the university offers psychological consultants for their students. Moreover, it has a huge library. Also, it offers some of its programs in English and Turkish.

8- Study nursing at İstanbul Okan University

Istanbul Okan Üniversitesi was founded in 1999 in Istanbul. It has 10 faculties and 63 bachelor’s programs. This university contains a computer research center, a center of research and cultural studies, and the international center of Mohamed Yunus emre. Moreover, the Programs are offered in English and Turkish languages.

9- Study nursing at Altınbaş University

Located in Istanbul, the European side in Bağcilar region. Altınbaş University is one of the best Turkish universities and ranked among the top 100 Turkish universities; consisting of 9 faculties. Programs are offered in English and Turkish languages.

This was a presentation about studying nursing in Turkey. We reviewed the best Turkish private universities that provide nursing studies in Turkish and English languages. If you have any questions about studying in turkey in general and studying medical specialties such as nursing in particular, do not hesitate to contact the Study Go team to give you the best advice. Get in touch with us now.

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