Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, in its most basic form, is a field that combines computer science and large datasets to enable problem-solving. It also includes the machine learning and deep learning subfields, which are usually cited in connection with artificial intelligence. AI algorithms are used in these fields to construct expert systems that make predictions or classifications based on input data.

AI is significant because it has the potential to provide companies with previously overlooked insights into their operations, as well as the ability to perform tasks better than people in some cases. When it comes to repetitive, detail-oriented processes like analyzing large volumes of legal documents to ensure essential fields are filled in correctly, AI systems typically complete operations swiftly and with fewer errors.

This has contributed to the rise of efficiency and given certain enterprises entirely new business opportunities. Prior to the latest wave of AI, it would have been unthinkable to imagine using computer software to connect riders to cabs, but Uber has grown to become one of the world’s greatest firms by doing that exactly. It uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to predict when individuals will need to go to designated locations, allowing drivers to get on the road ahead of schedule.

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    Some of the most prestigious universities that offer Artificial intelligence in English include:

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    Bahçeşehir English 7900 7900 Apply Now

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    FAQs about specialization

    There are no special conditions for registration, only a high school diploma, then you can contact our team for direct registration in private Turkish universities.

    Turkish universities study artificial intelligence for a period of 4 years, in addition to a preparatory year for the language in the event that an accredited English language certificate is not available.

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    Final registration in universities requires the equivalency of the secondary certificate from the Directorate of Education in Turkey, and we assist you in all the necessary steps for that.