Almost every profession has something to do with people, and almost every profession entails some form of assistance to others, but the medicine, is the only job that directly helps people and seeks to improve the quality of life of someone who has forgotten what means to live a healthy life and it is difficult to obtain a profession that has such a lofty purpose, to gain experience and to interpret that experience gained, to teach, or to work in this field.

That’s why medicine is considered to be one of the most important specializations pursued by Turkish universities. Turkey is known as one of the countries that welcomes the work of foreign doctors on its territory after obtaining an equivalency certificate in medicine or dentistry. There are many internationally classified universities with a distinct educational level in relation to the study of medicine in particular. As a result, Turkish medical schools are ranked 12th in the world.

The following are the most significant benefits of studying medicine at Turkish universities:

It is characterized by the best medical study materials explained by the most up-to-date scientific and innovative procedures,

The Turkish Ministry of Higher Education, on the other hand, provides the latest resources to Turkish medical universities and colleges, both private and public.

It also supports medical colleges at Turkish universities to take part in international scientific and medical research. Medical college fees and tuitions in Turkey are reasonable when compared to international universities, as the country is known for its great efficiency and high quality, therefore it is not considered a large sum in comparison to its status.

In terms of language, there are numerous alternatives for studying medicine in Turkey, as courses are offered in both English and Turkish. Studying medicine in English is more preferable since students who are not proficient in English would not be able to advance scientifically or get higher degrees, and research and scientific material are all published in English.

In addition, hospitals and international centers do not hire doctors who do not speak English. Furthermore, competing with colleagues who have studied in the English language will be challenging because they will be able to advance their level of education more quickly due to their command of the English language.

Just simple steps

To start your study in Türkiye

    Universities where the specialization is available

    Among the most important Turkish universities where dentistry can be studied, with sophisticated facilities and a modern scientific program that allows students to get the most from their education:

    University Language Price Before Price After Apply
    Maltepe English 14000 14000 Apply Now
    Maltepe Turkish 10000 10000 Apply Now
    Atilim English 15000 15000 Apply Now
    Izmir economy English 15000 15000 Apply Now
    Medipol English 23400 23400 Apply Now
    Medipol Turkish 18000 18000 Apply Now
    Altinbaş English 25000 20000 Apply Now
    Aydin English 19500 19500 Apply Now
    Aydin Turkish 16000 15000 Apply Now
    Atlas English 17000 15300 Apply Now
    Atlas Turkish 14000 12600 Apply Now
    Üsküdar English 19000 19000 Apply Now
    Üsküdar Turkish 15000 15000 Apply Now
    Okan English 25000 20500 Apply Now
    Okan Turkish 25000 19500 Apply Now
    Bahçeşehir English 25000 25000 Apply Now
    Halic Turkish 13000 13000 Apply Now
    Yeni yuzyıl Turkish 17000 17000 Apply Now
    Halic English 16000 16000 Apply Now

    In Turkey, students spend six years studying human medicine, with practical training in Turkish hospitals beginning in their fourth year of university.

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    FAQs about specialization

    Students study six years to complete the human medicine specialization in private Turkish universities without the preparatory year for the language, whether English or Turkish.

    Registration or admission to the human medicine specialization does not require special tests, but requires an English or Turkish language test, an approved language certificate, or a preparatory year for language study.

    Of course you can, as there are dozens of private universities that offer the study of human medicine, whether in English or Turkish.

    The majority of private Turkish universities have wide acceptance, whether in Arab or European countries, and in any case, you can contact our advisors to provide you with information about university recognition according to your nationality.