Computer engineering Specialty

This is custom heading element Computer Engineering is a program that focuses on the hardware and software of computers and related systems. Graduates will master computer engineering combine their understanding of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering to develop new computer systems. Computer engineering opportunities: Database Administrator. Big Data Engineer. Computer Systems Analyst. Data Scientist. Software [...]

Mechatronics Engineering

This is custom heading element The design process of systems based on multidisciplinary engineering methodologies is known as Mechatronics. Mechatronics engineers work on the design and control of a wide range of electro-mechanical systems, from commonplace items like ATMs and vending machines to sophisticated smart machines used in manufacturing and precise robots used in surgical [...]

Mechanical Engineering

This is custom heading element Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and widest engineering fields. Mechanical engineers design and construct a wide range of machines and devices using principles of energy, materials, and mechanics.  The breadth, flexibility, and originality of the profession are its defining features. Mechanical engineers' career trajectories are largely defined by personal [...]

Gastronomy and culinary arts

This is custom heading element Gastronomy is seen as a form of artistic expression. It is the art of cooking, which includes learning how to use kitchen tools, dinnerware, and food presentation. Globalization has brought people from diverse locations who have different customs, celebrations, and local meals closer together. The Department of Gastronomy examines how [...]

Software Engineering

This is custom heading element Software Engineering is an important science in today's high-tech applications and business world. It was created to address the problems associated with low-quality software initiatives. When the timescales, budgets, and poor quality levels of a software project are all surpassed, issues occur. It ensures that the app is created consistently, appropriately, [...]

Industrial engineering

This is custom heading element Industrial engineering is an engineering discipline that seeks to optimize complex processes and products in the manufacturing sector, such as processes, systems, and organizations using principles of empirical analysis, managerial economics and organizational theory. Industrial engineers are concerned with the development of technical ability. industrial engineering jobs: Quality assurance inspector [...]

Physiotherapy and Rehabiliation specialty

This is custom heading element Progress in the field of health sciences, as well as rising life expectancy, have highlighted the significance of the idea of the quality of life. Physiotherapists play a crucial role in enhancing people's quality of life. As a result, the scope of physiotherapists' work is expanding and diversifying daily. Physiotherapists [...]

Graphic Design

This is custom heading element Graphic design is the process of planning, designing, and putting ideas and experiences into visual and written form. Technology, art, culture, and science have all aided this process. Photographs, fonts, illustrations, geometric shapes, textures, three-dimensional elements, films, animations, and digital elements can all be included in the graphic product created [...]

New media

This is custom heading element New Media is the term used to describe these new communication domains that are based on Internet technologies. Traditional media and modern communication technology are both represented in new media. In contrast to traditional media, New Media communication fields have their own set of codes and communication language. New Media [...]

Cyber security

This is custom heading element Protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, and data from attacks is the goal of cybersecurity. It's also known as information security or computer security. Due to the large amount of sensitive data now being held in the digital domain, it is vital to secure and safeguard it from harmful actors. Cybersecurity [...]

Aeronautical Engineering

This is custom heading element The rapid evolution of technology in recent years has had a clear impact in increasing the demand for studying aeronautical engineering in Turkey, where a qualitative leap has emerged in transportation across the world, so air travel is no longer limited to travel between countries; Rather, it became available for local [...]

Biomedical Engineering

This is custom heading element Biomedical Engineering is the application of biological engineering, medical engineering, and associated sciences. Biomedical engineering is a growing field that seeks to connect basic engineering principles and techniques with modern medicine. It aims to develop medical devices, equipment and processes that the human body can effectively use. As a biomedical engineer, [...]


This is custom heading element Changes in nursing and health care, as well as scientific and technical advancements, now allow nurses to be armed with more effective, creative, sympathetic, emotional, and humanistic knowledge, allowing them to give better health care to individuals. Nurses who keep up with healthcare advancements enhance the profession while also protecting [...]

Nutrition and dietitics

This is custom heading element Dieticians play a key role in preventing chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, as well as treating those who already have them. The "Dietitian Profession," which has risen in prominence in recent years, investigates and evaluates health issues related to food and nutrition, offers solutions, informs individuals [...]

Civil Engineering

This is custom heading element Civil Engineering is a specialized branch of engineering dealing with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like bridges, roads, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems and pipelines, and structures in general If you love the field of urbanization, then it is the right [...]

Business Administration

This is custom heading element Specialize in Business Administration and learn how to apply core management principles to a wide range of business situations, you will learn also the fundamentals of management, strategic planning and decision-making and latest skills, knowledge and current developments in management and leadership. Business Administration degrees help you gain a solid [...]


This is custom heading element Pharmacy is the science of creating and dispensing drugs. Pharmacy school covers chemistry, pharmaceutics, and other specialist areas. A pharmacist is a qualified healthcare professional who provides information on a variety of drugs and treatment choices to patients. They are knowledgeable about all types of medicines, as well as their [...]

Artificial intelligence

This is custom heading element Artificial intelligence, in its most basic form, is a field that combines computer science and large datasets to enable problem-solving. It also includes the machine learning and deep learning subfields, which are usually cited in connection with artificial intelligence. AI algorithms are used in these fields to construct expert systems [...]


This is custom heading element Almost every profession has something to do with people, and almost every profession entails some form of assistance to others, but the medicine, is the only job that directly helps people and seeks to improve the quality of life of someone who has forgotten what means to live a healthy [...]


This is custom heading element Dentistry is one of the most ancient medical disciplines, dating back thousands of years. The study of dentistry in universities lasts five academic years and comprises a variety of subjects that ensure the acquisition of scientific knowledge and varied human skills; the first two years of the dental specialization include studying [...]