To study in Turkey many advantages in this article we explain to you the top ten reasons why thousands of international students choose Turkey to study there:

You read in this article:

  1. High level of education:
  2. The diversity of universities and programes.
  3. Easy access to admission.
  4. Visa and student accommodation.
  5. International student exchange agreements and programs.
  6.  Study in English 100%.
  7. Diversity of scholarships and educational opportunities.
  8.  Modern university campuses.
  9. The cost of a suitable living life.
  10.  Flexible and fast life.

1 – High level of education:

Turkey’s education system is one of the best in the world where Turkey relies on the standards of the European education system:

– The independence of Turkish universities and their non-compliance with ministerial changes is a point of stability in the continued rise in the quality of education.

– The adoption of the AKTS grading system enables students to move between universities smoothly and easily and there are 6 Turkish universities out of the top 500 universities around the world.

– The universal accreditation and recognition of Turkish certificates in all Arab countries has been a magnet for hundreds of thousands of international students around the world, which means an international exchange force.

2 – The diversity of universities and programes:

Medical specialties:

Medicine – dentistry – pharmacy.

Engineering disciplines:

Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, Biomedical engineering, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence engineering, architecture, Interior Design.

Other diverse disciplines:

Fashion, Economics, Management, Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Physics, Aviation, Psychology, Music, Gastronomy.

(B.A.- Master- Ph.D.- Diploma)

Turkey has 81 cities, at least one university in each city if you’ll definitely find a university and a program that’s right for you.

3 – Easy access to admission:

Most Turkish universities follow flexible conditions in the mechanism of obtaining admission, if you have a high school diploma or a graduate of a university in your country, you can easily obtain admission to the specialty and program you wish to study, either by contacting the university directly, or through an official undersecretary of the university, which I advise and I will explain the reasons to you later.

4 – Visa and student accommodation:

After you have received the final admission from the university, you can check with the Turkish Embassy in your country of residence and apply for a student visa, which takes 20 to 40 days to issue. If you are a passport holder for countries that do not need a visa to enter Turkey, you can come immediately after receiving final admission. Once you arrive in Turkey, you will be able to obtain student residency during your studies.

5- International student exchange agreements and programs:

One of the most important characteristics of study in Turkey is the high interest given by the Turkish state to international agreements and student exchange programs. As all Turkish universities are members of Erasmus program:

Which is a student exchange program between Turkish and European universities. Erasmus offers an opportunity for students to train, gain experience and learn more about friends and academics. The student does not pay any costs or fees at European universities and receives a monthly salary that varies according to the university and the state.

There is also the Farabi and Mawlana Student Exchange program that we will talk about later.

6- Study in English 100%:

Many Turkish universities offer the possibility of studying in English fully in many of their programs (medical, engineering, administrative and health): at all levels of education, including these universities:

Sabancı University – Istanbul

Koç University – Istanbul

Bahçeşehir University – Istanbul

Medipol University – Istanbul

Özyeğin University – Istanbul

Bilgi University – Istanbul

Aydin University – Istanbul

Yaşar University – Istanbul

Atilim University – Ankara

Ted University – Ankara

7 – Diversity of scholarships and educational opportunities:

Tuition fees in Turkey are suitable for everyone compared to the high study costs in many European and Arab countries, and Turkey receives thousands of international students annually, either through scholarships provided by the Turkish state, or through partial grants and large discounts given by private universities to students through agents and representatives.

8 – Modern university campuses:

Turkey’s campuses are characterized by its extensive areas and modern facilities, and in all Turkish universities there are spacious halls, laboratories equipped with the latest means of education, a library containing thousands of books, references, theatres, cultural clubs, gyms, playgrounds, restaurants, gardens and in-house student residences. Universities use an electronic access system for students. You find students in a comfortable and safe environment.

9 – The cost of a suitable living life:

Students in Turkey enjoy many features such as easy access to university accommodation within or around the university or renting suitable accommodation for a reasonable monthly rent, the student also receives a reduced transportation card, you can open a bank account without any fees, you can get health insurance and large discounts when you visit museums and archaeological places, even if you want to see your favorite movie in the cinema.

10 – Flexible and fast life:

As a student you will not feel alienated in Turkey, modern and fast life, many cultures, diversity of races and your dealings with different groups of Turkish society in all aspects of life such as: (housing, transportation, restaurant, library) will create a comfortable atmosphere for you and you will find yourself part of this ancient society.

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