The wide variety of specialties at Turkish private universities has been over the last decade is one of the reasons of the growing annual demand for study in Turkey, by thousands of foreign students from all over the world.

Therefore, in this article from STUDY GO for studying in Turkey, we present a quick presentation of the most important medical, engineering, administrative, design, humanities and other specialties in Turkey’s private universities, so that the student can choose the right specialization for his or her tendency and abilities, which is required in the labor markets locally and internationally.

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Medical specialties at Turkish private  universities

The Specialization of Medicine in Turkey

Turkish private universities pay special attention to the 6-year study of medicine;  by providing a decent environment for education and researching.

Studying Dentistry in Turkey

The student studies dentistry in Turkey for 5 years, it can be year longer if the student doesn’t have a Turkish language certificate.

Studying pharmacy in Turkey

Studying pharmacy in Turkey is characterized by the presence of modern medical laboratories and advanced equipment, and the duration of the study is 5 years, 4 of which are theoretical studies, and a year practical study.

Specialization of forensic medicine  in Turkey

The specialization of forensic medicine in Turkey studies the investigation of cases of diseases and deaths mysterious or unknown in accordance with the criminal and civil law, through examination and autopsy.

Studying nursing in Turkey

Nursing in Turkey is one of the most important medical specialties supported, and the study takes 4 years, and becomes 5 years if the student didn’t already master the Turkish language in advance.

Studying veterinary in Turkey

The student at the Faculty of Veterinary in Turkey studies disorders, diseases and animal injuries and usually takes 5 years to study.   

Engineering specialties in Turkey

Aeronautical engineering major in Turkey

Studies the design of space stations, rocket and aircraft while studying their producing and operating technologies.  

Studying Mechanical engineering in Turkey

One of the most important engineering Specialties received from students, 4 years to study, it increases by one year if the student is not proficient in Turkish. 

Studying Electrical engineering in Turkey

The student studies ways of producing, transporting and distributing electricity and how to deal with the devices used in this.

Computer Engineering in Turkey

It combines computer science and electrical and electronics engineering and is one of the most prominent Specialties in private Turkish universities, which has been witnessing a high   demand in recent years.

The Specialty of mechatronics in Turkey

It studies the specialization of mechatronics engineering: product design and development, and ways to integrate the principles of electrical, mechanical, computer and industrial engineering into modern devices.   

Biomedical engineering in Turkey

Or study medical engineering in Turkey, a specialist interested in studying how to find solutions for engineering problems related to medical equipment, through the latest technologies and modern technological Methods.  

Studying Architecture in Turkey

A specialty that studies ways to create, paint and design the exterior of buildings, and then follow up the implementation process by directing civil engineers during construction.

Chemical engineering in Turkey

A department specialized in the study of the design and operation of machinery and stations, in addition to studying the performance of chemical reactions in different fields of industry.

Energy Engineering in Turkey

The study in this section is based on the search for renewable sources of energy, focusing on solar energy and how to acquire the max use out of it.

Study of Biogenetic engineering in Turkey

It specializes in the study of genetics and genetics in humans, animals and plants, as well as ways to process genetic cells in the bodies of living organisms through engineering techniques.

Genetic engineering major in Turkey

The study is based on theuse of genetic engineering techniques, in the production and modification of new and modified formulations, for different genes of humans, animals, plants or microorganisms.

Industrial Engineering

One of the branches of engineering in Turkey where the student studies the engineering and administrative methods necessary to manage and operate the work within industrial institutions.  

Studying Automobile engineering in Turkey

This specialty specializes in the study of automotive engineering through the details of electronic and electrical sciences, the stages of the designing and the production, and other studies on security and safety in transportation.

Study of the specializations of accounting in Turkey

Department of Economics

It studies everything related to commodity finances, including consumption, distribution, production and exportation, both domestically and internationally.

Accounting major in Turkey

This specialty depends on the analysis and recording of information, which contributes to   clarifying financial problems to find solutions for them.

Study of administrative specialties in Turkey

Public relations   in Turkey

The study of public relations in Turkey relies on  modern tools for digital communication and its strategies in advertising production, design and implementation of public relations programs.

Studying Business Administration in Turkey

Business management is one of the most sought-after specialties in the Turkish market, and in many regional and international markets, as a result of the amazing developments that most companies in the country and around the world have witnessed.

Logistics Management Study

The logistics study is based on a study of how resources related to the supply of goods and supply chains are managed for products, information, energy, and services, from the production area to the consumption area.

International trade in Turkey

It is specialized in studying the rules used to regulate the exchange of products internationally, relying on important concepts in international marketing.

Marketing science in Turkey

Is a specialty responsible for the promotional processes of corporate products, and what is associated with it with regulating a good customer relationship.

The specialty of Aviation Administration in private Turkish universities

It is interested in studying the safety of air traffic, while developing passenger transportation services, and this specialty combines aviation science with management and economics sciences.

Turkey’s Health Management specialization

Its mission is to plan, direct and coordinate medical services within health centers, where it runs an entire facility, area or department.

Designing specialties at Turkish private universities

Digital  gaming design

A specialization that combines technology and creativity and relies on creating digital games suitable for the tastes of players.

Studying graphic design | the most famous specialties in Turkish private universities recently!

It deals with the tools of designing images, drawings and shapes, and moving them, on websites, magazines and products, through some famous tools and software, most notably among them is Photoshop.

Studying interior design in Turkey

Due to Turkey’s interest in interior architecture, the demand for the department of interior design in universities has increased for anyone with talent in this field.

Humanities Specialties in Turkey


It is interested in studying the human mind and behavior and factors affecting its actions and feelings, and then analyzing them to find the right treatment.


The specialization of philosophy attracts anyone who has a tendency to think abstractly,  research the origin of the universe and the nature of the human soul, life, creation and knowledge.

Child’s Development

Aims to study health, psychological and social programs, which help develop the child’s mental, physical, linguistic and social skills. 

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

Turkey’s embrace of many cultures from different countries of the world has made Turkish universities the ideal environment for the study Gastronomy and Culinary arts

Nutrition and food  science

As community awareness of food’s association with body health increased, the turnout for nutrition specialization studies in Turkey increased.

Finally, if you want to learn more details and consulting on the  best  specialties in Turkish private universities, so you can choose the right specialty  for your talents, skills and even labor market requirements, feel free to contact the STUDY GO team for free consultation.

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