What is the certificate equivalency? How does it benefit the student? What are the necessary procedures to obtain it?

Many students seek to study in Turkey and to complete their academic studies in one of the Turkish universities that has proven its distinction and high level among most countries and international universities, so many are looking for a method to obtain their equivalency for their degree to be able to study in Turkey, which offers students several educational advantages.

Registration in Turkish universities requires some documents, including the high school diploma equivalent document, known in Turkish as (Denklik). This document is important for the students to prove through it that the high school diploma obtained in their country is regular and approved in the country from which it was issued and is equivalent to the Turkish certificate…

This equivalency certificate is obtained in two ways:

– The first is through the Turkish consulate or embassy in the country in which the student lives,

– or Through the Turkish Education Directorate in Istanbul or different Turkish cities.

In the following lines, we will explain the way to do your degree equivalency if you are in Turkey.

How to obtain your high school diploma equivalency?

It is done by submitting an online application on the equivalence website of the Ministry of Education http://edenklik.meb.gov.tr/. Then the student registers his data on the official website. After that he uploads his papers in pdf format and an appointment is booked to deliver the papers. On the day of the appointment The student must go to the (Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü) Directorate of Education in your city in Turkey on the specified date.

What are the documents required for the equivalency for the high school diploma in Turkey?

1- The original high school certificate certified by the foreign country from which the student obtained a high school diploma (translated into the Turkish language and certified by the Turkish embassy or Turkish notary Notre)

2- A transcript of the first secondary and second secondary school grades certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

3- Passport.

4- The visa obtained by the student (a copy of it). This visa can be replaced with a residence card, if available.

5- A copy of the university admission or a paper issued by the university called the (öğrenci bilgesi).

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