Our talk about the advantages of studying in Turkey  is nothing new, but today we are illuminating important elements that have never been discussed at the social and academic levels.

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Features of studying in Turkey for Arab students

Quality of education in Turkey

Turkey has succeeded in reaching advanced levels of quality in education at various levels of study, including university education,  making it  an international assessment, which has been ranked  among the list best universities in the world.

This is due to the highly qualified educational staff these universities have, and scientific research efforts, as well as advanced centers and laboratories, which gives them high potential for rapid development and taking the learning and education movement   forward.

 Internationally recognized university degrees

The entry of many Turkish universities, private and public, into the list of the best in the world, ensures that the student obtains a university degree recognized at the local and international levels.

Even in the Republic of Iraq, where the subject of study in Turkey is of a concern to Iraqis, because it is one of the most difficult countries to recognize foreign universities, the number of private Turkish universities whose Iraq has adopted their degrees still continues to grow.

Partnerships with international universities

Turkish universities generally adopt the principle of two, academic partnerships with prestigious international universities in the United States of America, UK, Australia and others, to promote their scientific programs in all new years.

This ensures that the student receives scientific outputs of international quality, at an economic cost.

 Practical training in the strongest institutions

Turkish universities conclude cooperation agreements with prominent institutions, including  companies, factories and hospitals, with the aim of providing vocational training opportunities on the job, or what is known in Turkey as  Stage ..

This qualifies students practically for the labor market after graduation, as the student touches on the real needs of the business, after taking a large share of the theoretical and scientific foundations at theuniversity.

IT   infrastructure

Universities in Turkey provide the basic IT infrastructure, providing huge libraries with hundreds of references, paper books and electronic books with the latest modern education technologies, in order to provide all the resources the student needs. Scientific research.

As well as fast Internet connections based on the latest fiber optic technology, many wireless networks (Wi-Fi)are provided within public and open spaces.

6.  An opportunity to master the Turkish language

Even if the undergraduate study is not in Turkish, the fifth most spoken language in the world, he has the opportunity to learn and master it, through lectures and the enhanced social relationships, social and sports activities and communication with Turkish students.

7.  The possibility of  choosing the language of study

A number of private Turkish universities allow students tochoose the  language of study in Turkey, whether English,  Arabic  or Turkish, and  if the student is not fluent in the language of his choice, he can study it first within one year or less or more which is according to the system Each university has and to  the ability of each student and his willingness to commit and acquire language skills.

8. No requirement of a high rate | one of the most important advantages of studying in Turkey

Most private universities in Turkey do not require a student to receive a high rate, as happens in other countries, but he or she can choose almost any major he or she wishes to study.

There are strong resources available to restore any scientific shortage among high school students when they enter university.

9. Government facilities for students

Facilities provided by the Turkish government to international students are one of the most important features of study in Turkey, as follows:

  • Turkish grants include: Visa entry to Turkey, university registration fees, university housing. But they are limited to a limited number of seats, and the trade-off rate is usually high.
  • The student’s residence ensures that the student stays in the country legally, to be renewed annually during the study period.
  • The foreign student enjoys the benefits of health insurance and treatment in Turkish hospitals.
  • The use of transportation at very reduced prices, by issuing a special public transport card for students, It is easy to use in most transportation and some stores as well.
  • Housing in university cities is serviced by all housing services, infrastructure and even modern designs, amenities, entertainment, sports and playgrounds.
  • Tuition fees are much lower than in Europe compared to the quality of education in the government and private sectors.
  • The opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship, for international students of some nationalities, such as Syrian students in Turkey.

10.  Stay in the Paradise of the Earth

Turkey is a paradise of the earth, not to think and praise, how not to have a moderate good atmosphere most of the year, not to mention the green nature of cities mostly covered with stunning views.

In addition to ancient historical monuments, amidst a friendly and authentic people which are classy in their discipline and daily dealings.

Its medium geographical location allows it to reach hundreds of Arab, European and Asian cities within two hours! The student spends most of his various vacations on occasions and holidays among his family.

There aregood deals on domestic and international air fares throughout the year,and the earlier you book youget a better price!

11. Eastern society in Europe!

Yes, here are minarets hugging the sky in every neighborhood, unprecedented hygiene, friendliness in the face of every vendor and colleague. All this in the arms of modern European cities and cultures enjoying great freedom. But be careful! The condition of freedom is commitment.

12. Moderate living costs, high quality

Despite istanbul’s stifling apartment rental crisis after this year’s school season, rental prices here remain among the lowest and best in the world.

And public life has all lifestyles in perfect quality, choose what suits you.

The cost of studying in Turkey in  terms of university fees and premiums is low in public universities, and reasonable in Turkish private universities after receiving special discounts from  STUDY GO!

Finally, if you are satisfied with what you have read about the  advantages of studying in Turkey and make your decision to come to it, do not hesitate to contact our team at  STUDY GO  to get free educational  consultation, and the best services at unprecedented prices to register in the most important Turkish universities.

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