The rapid evolution of technology in recent years has had a clear impact in increasing the demand for studying aeronautical engineering in Turkey, where a qualitative leap has emerged in transportation across the world, so air travel is no longer limited to travel between countries; Rather, it became available for local movement between cities also.

This has brought about a qualitative leap in the field of aviation and engineering, and this specialization has developed technically and professionally, its fields and sections have expanded until it has become one of the most popular fields in our time.

Study aeronautical engineering in Turkey:

Aeronautical engineering: It is an applied science that focuses on a set of processes aimed at designing, developing, and maintaining the aircraft, in addition to the interest in the manufacture of satellites and missiles…

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering in Turkey is one of the important departments on the academic and professional levels, The Turkish universities are classified among the advanced universities in this field, due to providing Turkish universities with the best equipment, laboratories, and factories, with the availability of a qualified and experienced educational staff in Turkish universities.

This made the study of aeronautical engineering a preferred option for a large group of those wishing to pursue this specialization.

Details of studying aeronautical engineering in Turkey:

The duration of studying aeronautical engineering in Turkey is four years. During the first year, students study basic scientific subjects; Such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The student in aerospace engineering studies design in laboratories and drawing rooms using computers, in addition to practical training.

Students then study in the following years subjects: mechanics and resistance, general engineering materials, basics of aerodynamics, basics of electrical engineering, aeronautical mechanics, automatic control, experimental engineering, basics of aircraft design, stability and control science, and jet propulsion systems.

Turkish universities teach aeronautical engineering in a highly professional manner, offering students full qualifications, practical learning opportunities, and support for job opportunities inside and outside Turkey.

Advantages of studying aeronautical engineering in Turkey:

First: Academic qualification:

Turkish universities offer the best and most advanced scientific courses, taught by the best experts in this field while ensuring that students are provided with the best scientific and training knowledge.

Second: practical training:

Turkish universities offer students in the Department of Aerospace Engineering the opportunity to learn practically within the laboratories and laboratories of aircraft design and maintenance, and internship opportunities in local airlines.

Third: job opportunities after graduation:

Studying in Turkish universities, and in the Aerospace Engineering Department, in particular, offers many unique opportunities to work in these multiple fields of specialization; Such as aircraft design and maintenance and other fields.

Fourth: Residence in Turkey:

The opportunity to learn and study in Turkish universities allows obtaining legal residence in Turkey while taking advantage of the advantages granted to local students, by applying for a student residence in one of the Turkish immigration departments, which is renewed annually until graduating from university and engaging in the labor market.

Documents required for admission to Turkish universities:

  • Fill out the application form of a Turkish university.
  • High School certificate.
  • English language proficiency certificate (TOEFL or university proficiency test on arrival).
  • Turkish language proficiency certificate (TÖMER or university proficiency test on arrival).
  • Motivation letter, which explains the reason for choosing the university, specialization, and qualifications.
  • Confirmation of payment of the application fee and proof of payment.
  • Personal Photo.
  • A letter guarantees the availability of financial support for the student while continuing his studies.

Job opportunities after graduation:

  • Work in aircraft maintenance.
  • Work in research centers to develop the aviation sector.
  • Work in airports.
  • Work in airlines.
  • Work in the aerostructures engineering sector, design and manufacture of engines, and flight testing.
  • And many other fields inside and outside Turkey.

Study Aeronautical Engineering at Istanbul Gelişim Üniversitesi:

The university is located in the European city of Istanbul, near Ataturk Airport, in the Avcilar region.

About 31.000 students are studying at Gelişim University, the university offers 57 educational programs, consists of 3 faculties, includes 117 laboratories, and is among the most popular universities in Istanbul.

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