You rarely find anyone to talk to you about the disadvantages of studying in Turkey, and the fact that this is due to two things, the first is that the advantages of studying in Turkish universities are much greater than their difficulties.

But what’s nice about it is that most of the challenges you may face while you’re on your education career here in Istanbul, or in any of the other Turkish cities, you can turn them into positives, with a little patience and intelligence!

Do you wish to know the details of that? Follow this exclusive article from STUDY GO and you will explore the good and bad in all transparency.

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Disadvantages of studying in Turkey for Arab students.

  1. Studying in Turkish.
  2. The difficulty of social communication | The roughest disadvantages of studying in Turkey
  3. The Difficulty of obtaining admission at public universities.
  4. High fee costs for some programs and specialties in Turkish private universities.
  5. Morality among students.
  6. The overcrowding in Istanbul
  7. Safe neighborhoods in major cities.
  8. High prices and economic inflation.

Studying in Turkey has become highly desirable  for a wide range  of international students in general, and Arab students in particular.

In an effort to take advantage of its advantages  at the  scientific and practical levels, in addition to  residing in a European country,the culture,  customs and traditions are very similar to the countries of the Middle East and the Arab  countries.

However, this does not necessarily negate the existence of some of the disadvantages of studying in Turkey,  which you should learn from the beginning, so that you know how to turn them into benefits added to a long list of  advantages of the success of the study in Turkey.

Let’s start with the challenges, let’s find out exactly what the difficulties of studying in Turkey are?

The disadvantages of studying  in  Turkey for Arab students

Have you ever heard of the saying of turning troubles into grants?! That’s exactly what we’re going to do with you when reviewing some of the obstacles and disadvantages of studying in Turkey.

1- Studying in Turkish

Studying at most universities here is based on Turkish as a first language, which is a major obstacle, a real challenge for most foreign students.

Since the logic of the Turkish language is different from what the Arab student has entrusted to the structure of the sentence and the order of its elements of verb, Subject, object, and adjectives and compositions, here comes another contrary to the custom in many famous languages such as English, for example.

However, the many institutes of Turkish language instruction in attending and online allow the hardworking student to master the academic language, and communication language in general, within a relatively short period of 6 months to less than one year.

Many of these institutes are attached to universities where students study but represent a preparatory year that makes it easier for students to integrate into their academic and social environment and break the ice of everything new.

Turkish is an easy-to-learn language, and the Turkish child is the first child to speak in the world, the rules of the language are very simple, and their Pronouns, verb specialties, masculinity and femininity are not as complex as other languages, such as German, Chinese and even Arabic.

In addition to its richness with armies of thousands of words quoted in Arabic, Persian, even English and French.

If you speak Arabic, congratulations to you, you master one third of the Turkish language in the beginning, and all you have to do is complete her learning with a little patience on the exits of letters and tilts, and many chats and readers, to find yourself speaking it fluently and enjoyably in a short time.

2- The difficulty of social communication | the harshest disadvantages of studying in Turkey

The majority of Arab students in Turkey find it difficult to socialize with local communities during the first phase of their arrival in Turkey, and routine government transactions and daily dealings are almost a nightmare from day one.

Please note that most Turkish people speak only Turkish.

Of course, you can overcome this problem, whether in study or social networking, by listening, listening, communicating and contacting neighbors and colleagues.  

It will make it easier for you to master the language of your life amazingly, and you will gain friendships and a deep understanding of the nature of the thinking of the people of society, you will find them happy as kindness, hospitality and welcome, and will even integrate with them in lively dialogues in every situation and every day.

3. Difficulty in obtaining admission to public universities

This is a right, as the number of Turkish students continues to increase, and they have priority in every new or old public university, while the share of international students is limited by a number of seats in each department.

Some specialties at Turkish public universities even accept only Turkish students, such as medical specialties at most Istanbul public universities.

Perhaps in the seats of the Turkish grant launched by the state years ago, a good solution guarantees the interests of both parties, the Turkish government seeks to further normalize international relations and open up to the world, and to build bridges of communication and positive relations,  by attracting outstanding international students.

The distinguished student aspires,  of course,  togain acceptanceon  a strong academic path, within an advanced country such as Turkey.

However, the largest proportion of Arab students will not be lucky enough to enroll in and award public university programs, in which case the best solution would be to take advantage of the discount and partial scholarship offered by private Turkish universities.

You can now contact us at STUDY GO to study in Turkey, so that we can find the best opportunities and specialties that suit your desires and aspirations within private universities in Turkey, at competitive prices and discounts for registering through us and up to 70% depending on the program, university and language of study.

4- High premiums for some programs and specialties  in Turkish private universities

Some master’s and even bachelor’s programs at private universities in Turkey cost more than US 25,000$ a year, especially  medical specialties  such as studying medicine in Turkey,  for example.

But the richness and diversity of fine specialties such as aviation sciences, air attending, graphic design, Audiometry, information technology (IT), and even within health and medical specialties.

All this huge amount of hundreds of disciplines, which are highly demanded by the labor market, are available at reasonable premiums Instalments from $2,000 to $6,000 per year, and even competition in high prices and discounts at several leading universities.

All you must do is contact your special education advisor at STUDY GO for studying in Turkey, so that we can provide you with the best offers and scholarships to register through us at preferential rates, and integrated student services.

5- The moral environment among students

Turkey is a secular country, open to Western civilization from its widest doors, especially in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, and it is natural to find all eastern and western lifestyles.

On one hand, you will find a friendly and clean social environment that considers values, customs and traditions and spreads mosques in every neighborhood, but on the other hand you will find a wide door for liberal relations, and noisy parties held by another sector which is not just few students

But the beauty of freedom on the other hand does not force you to follow a certain style, whoever wants to remain a disciplined and traditional, the atmosphere is perfectly suited to it, and whoever wants to try spiritual drinks and other things no one can prevent him!

6- Traffic in Istanbul

Istanbul, or as some would like to call it, the city of the two continents, or the city of the seven hills, is a metropolitan city that expands horizontally continuously, so the distances are long, and the main roads are crowded at peak hours, which is sometimes suffocating traffic.

This can turn transportation minutes into long hours of standing, and in a huge crowd.

The best solution to this problem is to live near where you study or work, and if you need public transportation, choose open hours other than rush hours, and if you have to go out at these times, public transport such as metrobus may be faster than cars!! Check out your favorite navigation app.

There are international applications such as Google Maps,   Moveit, and local municipalities  such as  Mobiett, which you can install on your mobile device, to know the level of traffic, bus and metro vehicles,  taxis and other public transport.

So the golden rule of hustle is to avoid it!

Istanbul becomes a beautiful city in every sense of the word, guided by the Bosphorus on both sides, and filled with contemplation and tranquillity in the arms of nature and on the coasts and lakes of its seas.

7. Safe neighborhoods in major cities

Most neighborhoods in all Turkish cities are completely safe, but there are some neighborhoods that have a good reputation for high rates of theft, and the simple solution is to avoid them and not live in them, like any city in the world where there are some hotspots.

As a general advice to female students, it is best to have a common residence for more than one female student, who share a compatible lifestyle, or in university cities, and in any case check the new safety and locks of doors and windows.

If your residence is within an apartment complex, the safety rate increases further with special guard on each gate.

8. High prices and economic inflation

This is a general trouble around the world, and Turkey is no exception, especially its major cities, but the best solution in tracking the applications of offers and discounts and most of them in Turkey due to e-commerce facilities and many shipping companies.

There are stores that offer special prices to students such as Apple’s PT  electronics store, such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook laptops, etc.

In addition to having grocery stores with preferential prices than other regular stores, such as The BIM,  Yuz Bir 101, Sok Market  and  its branches, it is scattered in dozens in almost every neighborhood.

Finally, if you want more details and advice on overcoming the difficulties and disadvantages of studying in Turkey,  so that you can find suitable student accommodation and  complete registration at a Turkish university  easily, feel free to contact  the STUDY GO team  for  free advice and integrated services.

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