In this article, we will explore the most important points related to studying engineering in Turkey.

What is engineering?

The science of engineering is applying practical rules on real life to facilitate the needs of society.

Advantages of studying engineering in Turkey:

Based on Turkish universities having more than 30 engineering specializations, this thing opens opportunities that varies and that are different from each other to work in different fields.

Basics of studying engineering in Turkey:

  • The Turkish universities have high-tech factories and laboratories, and they are available for all engineering specializations.
  • The Turkish universities have professors specialized in teaching engineering specializations who hold international degrees in Turkey and abroad
  • Turkey cooperates with international universities to exchange experiences and maintain giving the highest technology of education and using the most modern technologies for equipment and devices.
  • Obtaining recognized certified certificates in Arab and European countries.
  • Organizing workshops and clubs for students studying engineering majors.
  • Giving the necessary experience to the students in the matter of information and work.

The requirements of studying engineering in Turkey:

The Turkish universities don’t require difficult conditions, the average of the degrees should be 50% and above to get accepted in private Turkish universities and a certificate of (SAT or YÖS) is not required.

Some of the engineering specializations in Turkish universities:

Civil engineering Computer engineering
Architecture Mechatronics engineering
Electrical and electronics engineering Aviation engineering
Software engineering Industrial engineering
Automotive engineering Mechanical engineering
Genetic and Molecular engineering Energy systems engineering
Medical equipment engineering Agricultural engineering
Physics engineering


The most important universities that teach Engineering majors in Turkey:

Bahçeşehir University Sabancı University
Aydın University Okan University
Maltepe University Gelişim University
Altinbas University Üsküdar University
Atılım University Atlas University

Advantages of registering through Study Go:

  • Complete information about the major that the student wishes to study and information about the universities in which the major is located (for free).
  • Receiving the student’s file from the beginning and following it up permanently until the end of registration at the university completely (free of charge)
  • Securing admission from universities for free (free of charge)
  • Reception of the student from the airport (free of charge)
  • Issuance of a student card (free of charge) for transportation and a university student card.
  • Helping the student to meet the appropriate university housing (free of charge).
  • Assign a special employee to follow up on the student from start to finish (free of charge).

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