A high school diploma equivalency document in Turkey qualifies you to obtain a study seat in all scientific and humanitarian specialties, within a regular Turkish private or public university, and to complete the dream of studying in the Republic of Turkey.

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The equivalency document, called Denklik Belgesi, is extracted from the Turkish embassy in the student’s country, or from the Directorate of National Education, to be submitted to the university in which he is registered, after obtaining university admission and receiving the “student document”.

At STUDY GO for studying in Turkey, we are pleased to assist you in all the equivalency procedures, after submitting your application via the High School Certificate equivalating Form.

The importance of high school equivalency for foreigners in Turkey:

The importance of the certificate amendment document lies in what gives the foreign student the right to work in his academic specialization in the Turkish market after graduating from the university, just like any Turkish student.

Accordingly, public and private Turkish universities require the foreigner wishing to enroll in them to submit this document; In order to verify his competence at the high school education level, in proportion to the university education he wishes to attend in Turkey.

How to obtain a high school diploma equivalency certificate in Turkey:

Years ago, the equivalency document was extracted by going to the headquarters of the Directorate of National Education in Istanbul or one of the Turkish states In order to submit the required papers, but the application is now electronically via the website of the equivalency in the Turkish Ministry of Education.

Documents required for certificate equivalency in Turkey:

  1. The original high school diploma certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country in which you received your secondary education.
  2. A document with grades for all subjects for the last 3 academic years, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Consulate.
  3. If the student received his secondary education at an international school; He must attest the required documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of completion of the study, and from the country’s consulate in Turkey.
  4. The original passport plus a copy of the personal information page, and a copy of the entry stamp page into the Turkish territory.
  5. The original and copy of the student’s entry visa to Turkey, or the student residence card, or submitting proof of an application from the Immigration Department.
  6. The final university admission document that proves that the student has obtained a study seat at a Turkish university.
  7. Proof of the student’s final enrollment in the university in which he was accepted, provided that it is a recent date.
  8. A high school equivalency application after filling it out in the Turkish language, which the student obtains from the equivalency authority in the educational administration, or through the equivalency website.
  9. Presenting a guardianship contract from the student’s parent/guardian for a person who has not reached the age of 18.

It is noteworthy that papers written in a language other than Arabic, Turkish, English, Russian or Bulgarian; It must be translated and duly notarized, except for the passport.

Procedures for obtaining an equivalency document in Turkey:

With simple steps, the student, his guardian, or a representative of the student can complete the equivalency procedures, as follows:

  1. Enter the certificate equivalency website.
  2. Fill out the application for obtaining the equivalency document in Turkish.
  3. Upload the required documents and papers attached to the application you filled out.
  4. Get an appointment to receive the equivalency document with the certificate from the Directorate of National Education in the city where your university is located, which is usually after two weeks as a minimum.

At STUDY GO to study in Turkey, we can also assist you in all the equivalency procedures, after submitting your application via the high school diploma equivalency form.

From the above, we can say that the high school equivalency in Turkey is the last procedure to complete your enrollment in one of the Turkish public or private universities within all literary and scientific specialties, such as studying medicine in Turkey and other higher specialties.

The administration of the university in which you are registered requires you to submit the equivalency document after obtaining the final university acceptance and receiving the “student document.

With the completion of the procedures for obtaining the document from the Directorate of National Education, and then submitting it to the university; The journey of study in Turkey has started successfully.

Finally, if you would like more details and consultations regarding obtaining a high school diploma equivalency certificate in Turkey, so that you can complete the study procedures at a Turkish university, do not hesitate to contact the STUDY GO team to study in Turkey to obtain a free consultation.

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Source: Certificate equivalency website of the Turkish Ministry of Education – Presidency of the Education and Discipline Council.

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