التأمين الصحي للطلاب في تركيا

Health insurance is one of the most important documents needed by a student who wants to study in Turkey, to obtain student residency, which allows him to stay legally in Turkey for a period that varies according to the duration of his remaining studies.

What are the procedures for obtaining health insurance for students in Turkey?

In this article we will share with you all the details from:

  • The concept of health insurance for students in Turkey.
  • Types of health insurance for students.
  • The importance of health insurance for students.
  • Public health insurance for foreign students.
  • Documents required for health insurance applications.
  • Conditions for benefiting from health insurance.
  • How to conduct health insurance.
  • When does the health insurance for international students end.
  • What services does health insurance cover?

The concept of health insurance for students in Turkey:

Students who come to Turkey are required to obtain health insurance during their study stay in the country, as health insurance for students in Turkey covers sudden emergencies, and health insurance in Turkey is at an affordable price, but the insurance policy has limited assets.

International students are required to provide their health insurance to register at the university and obtain residence permits, and if the student’s health insurance in Turkey expires during his stay, he must renew his insurance and inform the university officials and the immigration office directly.

To obtain health insurance in Turkey, foreign students must apply to social security centers in their area of residence or to the Regional Directorate of Social Security.

After preparing the required papers and documents, students can apply to the relevant institutions and begin their own health insurance procedures.

Types of health insurance for students in Turkey

As for the health insurance for students in Turkey, it is divided into two parts:

  • Private health insurance.
  • Public health insurance administered by the Republic of Turkey.

1- Private Health Insurance:

A student who receives private insurance cannot be treated in state government hospitals, but some private hospitals offer discounts to the student based on the agreements they have with the bodies responsible for health insurance for students in Turkey.

If the student wishes to do so, he can go to any private health insurance agency and take advantage of the policies prepared especially for foreigners The coverage of these policies is limited and valid only in hospitals that have a contract with the insurance company.

2- Government or public health insurance:

As for the student enrolled in a Turkish university, he can get health insurance after 3 months from the date of registration at the university. This type of insurance will entitle you to free treatment in all government hospitals, and you can get the medicines prescribed to you by paying a reduced fee and at nominal prices.

But in private hospitals, the patient pays the uncovered portion of health insurance, and pays a total of 20% of the price of prescriptions in pharmacies at times.

The importance of health insurance for students in Turkey

The importance of health insurance for students in Turkey lies in some important and key points that we will briefly explain:

The cost of this type of insurance is cheap and inexpensive compared to other private insurances, the minimum package can cost you about 2000 liras per year (the price varies from year to year).

The insurance price does not vary according to the age of the student, the price is fixed for all foreign students in Turkey. This insurance guarantees all Turkish government hospitals, and the reduction rate reaches 75% and possibly up to 100% depending on the medical procedure and need.

Discounts on medicines reach 75% or more in most pharmacies in Turkey. Sometimes, medication is dispensed free of charge if it is available in the hospital pharmacy where the student treats the patient.

All pharmacies in Turkey are open until 7pm, except Sundays. After 19:00 and on Sundays, a certain number of pharmacies on duty provide service according to each city. Emergency service departments in hospitals and university health centers provide 24/7 emergency service, and the call center number that you can call for free from anywhere in Turkey for ambulance services is 112

Public Health Insurance for Foreign Students in Turkey:

The main points that an international student must know about health insurance; The most important ones are:

  • Public health insurance is not mandatory for foreign students, and for this reason, students who do not have public health insurance are not forced to pay their health expenses.
  • Foreign students coming to Turkey for educational reasons must receive health insurance within a period of 3 months from the date of their first registration at the university.
  • If these foreign students do not apply within 3 months from the date of application, they will not be able to benefit from health insurance in Turkey.”  There is a possibility that they will refuse student residency based on this reason.”
  • International students who are covered by public health insurance can benefit from health services for one year if they pay one year of the cost of health insurance assigned to them.
  • International students with public health insurance are not allowed to withdraw from public health insurance before the end of their academic period.
  • Students with public health insurance as foreign students will only benefit from health services, and their spouses, children and families cannot benefit from these services.
  • Renewal of your public health insurance each year is legally binding on you and will save you from paying treatment fees in the event of an emergency health problem.
  • During your time in Turkey, you are asked to commit to providing health insurance.

Documents required of students to apply for public health insurance in Turkey:

Students wishing to benefit from public health insurance services must submit these documents to the responsible authority accurately and fully.

The documents required by the relevant bodies of foreign students for health insurance are as follows:

  • Residence permit document.
  • Fixed address in Turkey (by renting an apartment, home address or residential address etc.)
  • Passport
  • An official letter stating their social security status (obtained from the attachment of the country of nationality)
  • The application form is submitted by the relevant institution and is to be filled.

Conditions for benefiting from health insurance for students in Turkey:

Foreigners who wish to apply are required first to ensure that they meet the conditions set by the relevant authority. Perhaps the most important conditions set by the relevant institution that foreign students must abide by are as follows:

  • The student must have a residence permit.
  • There is no health insurance in other countries.
  • Be a resident of Turkey for at least one year.

Steps to apply for student health insurance in Turkey:

All Turkish universities have their own health centers, and all students can perform the necessary and basic medical examinations for them and to be able to get detailed information about the health centers of the university you will join, you can contact the relevant authorities in the university.

As a student in Turkey, to be able to get health insurance, you need to:

  • You must apply to the Directorate of Social Security in the area where you reside within only 3 months after your registration at the university.
  • The annual premium for health insurance is 2000 liras
  • International students who have effective health insurance in Turkey through their parents or under bilateral agreements are required to submit papers proving this to the Immigration Department.
  • Students who do not have health insurance during the legal period allotted to them, which is 3 months, cannot benefit from this right, so students must abide by such procedures.

When does the health insurance for international students in Turkey end?

There are some cases that require the termination of student health insurance for foreigners within the Republic of Turkey

For example:

  • When the student’s stay within Turkey expires, the validity period of the insurance will automatically expire.
  • Also, if the student starts working or studying as an insured person in another country, the health insurance will expire as of the date of commencement of work or study outside Turkey.

What services does health insurance guarantee to students in Turkey?

Treatment of the student (patient) residing in Turkey

The guarantee covers the expenses required during patient care procedures (minor surgical procedures and emergency medical assistance).

Medicinal drugs or treatments

Health insurance covers the costs of medications for both outpatients and inpatients.

Outpatient treatment

Outpatient treatment expenses such as doctor visits, tests, X-rays, diagnostics, and physiotherapy are taken care of by insurance companies up to certain limits.

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