Advantages and disadvantages of living in Turkey for Algerians. Is Turkey an ideal choice for Algerians to live in Turkey in light of the linguistic and cultural difference between Turkey and Algeria? The last decades are a destination for many students. This made these students wonder about the costs of living in Turkey for Algerians and about the costs of housing in Turkey for Algerians. We also find a group of North African students, whether from Morocco or Algeria, asking about the following questions: Is it possible to obtain student housing in Istanbul? What are the disadvantages of living in Turkey? What are the advantages of stability in Turkey?

What are the pros of living in Turkey for Algerians

The charming nature of Turkey:

A first-class tourist country due to the charming nature of the country, and its enjoyment of a good and diverse climate with the diversity of the number of Turkish cities, which number 81 Turkish provinces, and each province has its beauty and wonderful tourist areas that fascinate tourists of all nationalities.

Cost of living:

Turkey is considered one of the inexpensive countries in terms of the cost of living compared to life in many Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries. Getting a job with an average salary guarantees you a decent life that includes paying rent for housing, food, drink and transportation, but without other additional expenses (1000 is enough Lira per person) The matter differs from one person to another, and in general we find the cost of living higher in tourist cities than in other cities that do not depend for their income on tourism to a large extent, for example Istanbul, Trabzon and Bursa, we find the cost of living higher than the city of Ankara, although It is the Turkish capital, but it is not a city that depends on tourism, and for this reason the cost of living is lower than any other tourist city.

Jobs chances:

There are many job opportunities in Turkey in various fields, provided knowledge of the Turkish language, but there are some jobs that do not need the Turkish language, such as working via the Internet or working in schools for Arab communities, and there are many cases that live in Turkey do not know the Turkish language, except Language is still an important condition for most jobs in Turkey.

Study in Turkey:

Studying in Turkey is characterized by the distinguished educational level, which has become attracting large numbers of students wishing to study and complete education in Turkey in all educational stages, whether primary, middle and higher schools, and even university studies in all its faculties.

Distinguished Turkish economy:

The promising Turkish economy is an important positive point in Turkey. The great economic progress that Turkey is currently enjoying greatly attracts Arab investors, especially in real estate investments, which are growing every year, and the investment support that Turkey gives to foreigners has increased the investment attraction for many investors.

Facilitating procedures and residencies for Arabs:

The facilities that Turkey provides for residence permits, especially for Arabs, and Turkey has been keen on new amendments for foreigners that guarantee them the right to obtain Turkish citizenship, provided that they obtain continuous work in Turkey, a work contract, a work permit, and that the employer performs a registration You have social security, provided you have regular residence in Turkey for a period of 5 years; Provided that the rate of leaving Turkey to visit your home country is at most 5 times in the entire five-year period, and that one visit does not exceed one or two months.

Cost of living in Turkey for Algerians

The average cost of living in Turkey for Algerians for a small family consisting of a father, mother, and two children is estimated at 45,000 Algerian dinars, including housing, water bills, electricity, and the communication network, etc.

This amount can increase or decrease according to the location of residence, as well as the intensive use of means of transportation.

Is life in Turkey distinctive and attractive to Algerians?

Historically, the Algerians were associated with the Turks, since the European military campaigns focused their attacks on the Arab Maghreb coast, hoping to control the cities overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and thus control and control the Mediterranean basin.

These attempts by Europeans led to alliances between Algeria and the Turks (the Ottoman Empire at the time), so that the coasts of Algeria overlooking the Mediterranean Sea became a group of joint Ottoman-Algerian garrisons against the invaders, as history mentions the good relations between the commander of the Ottoman fleet at the time, Khair al-Din Barbarossa (Turkish origin). ) and the Algerians, until those relations culminated in Khairuddin Barbarossa becoming ruler of Algeria.

History is relevant to the present, and this is reflected in the reality of the current Algerian-Turkish relations, which are characterized by sophisticated diplomatic relations at the highest level, which have led to the signing of several partnership agreements between the two countries, in addition to the issuance of a Turkish presidential decision in 2019 exempting Algerians from under 12 years of age and over 65 years of age. From the entry visa to Turkey, as a prelude to exempting the citizens of the two countries from the prior entry visa.

Turkey has become a main destination for the Algerian citizen in recent times, as is the case with many Arab communities, either for the purposes of study, tourism, trade and investment, or residence and stability.

In this regard, Turkey is a suitable environment for Algerians to live in, due to the cultural and historical rapprochement between the two countries, in addition to the numbers of Arab and Algerian communities residing in the country, which constitute an encouraging factor for making the decision to settle and reside in Turkey.

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