Master’s study in Turkey is considered a goal for many international students after completing their first university studies,   seeking to take advantage of the benefits of education at world-class Turkish universities, academic quality, and reasonable low costs  compared to other universities in Europe.

In this article from Study go for studying in Turkey, we review all the details of the master’s or master’s studies at Turkish universities, including its conditions, types, programs, languages, documents, registration dates, costs, etc. So follow us.

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Master’s Education requirements in Turkey

The conditions for studying master’s degree in Turkey vary from university to university, each with special rules and determinants, through which a trade-off is made between foreign students wishing to join it.

Each university announces the international test scores under which students are selected for the trade-off on graduate seats.

While some   universities limit a certain bachelor’s degree rate to a minimum admission,  others  apply for a Turkish language proficiency certificate, or an English proficiency certificate, depending on the specialty, and the language of studying the program during the master’s years in Turkey.

Master education types in Turkey:

There are two types of master’s studies in Turkey:

1- Studying master in Turkey with a scientific thesis:

Also known as master’s degree in Turkey with the thesis Tezli  Yüksek  Lisans..

It depends on the  student  writing a scientific letter at the end of the theoretical study period,  which ranges from one  to  two years at the rate of 4 semesters.

Two of them are for theoretical study, and the   other is to write rigorous scientific research, under academic supervision, in which they put a summary of the research, opinions and theories recommended.

It should be noted that most Turkish universities allow the student to extend the duration of the study to at   most two additional semesters, if he or she applies for it.

2- Studying master in Turkey without a scientific thesis:

Also known as master’s study in Turkey without the scientific thesis Tezsiz  Yüksek  Lisans.

It is based on giving the student knowledge and scientific skills through theoretical study with a high methodology.  Their studies usually last one year, with an average of three semesters, and they do not need to  write a scientific thesis.

Is   master’s degree available in Turkey in  Arabic?

Some universities have provided an opportunity for Arab students to study master’s in Arabic in Turkey, where they opened a special several departments of specialties in Arabic.

These include:

  • Islamic Studies.
  • Teaching Arabic.
  • International relations.
  • Political science and others…

This is aimed at accommodating Arab expatriates wishing to benefit from the benefits of studying in Turkey,  as well as Turkish students wishing to study in Arabic.

Turkish universities that have opened special Arabic departments are the most important:

  • Aydin University.
  • İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University.
  • Sultan Mehmet Fatih University.
  • Yalova University (University of Yalowa).
  • Nilein International University.
  • Umma University of Science andTechnology.

Documents required  to apply for master in  Turkey

As mentioned earlier, the requirements for studying master’s degree vary from university to university in Turkey, but the documents required to apply  are general conditions for admission  and registration in Turkish universities within master’s programs, as follows:

  1. 6 copies of a Personal photo.
  2. The passport photo translated to Turkish and certified by the writer in justice- Notary.
  3. The result of the ALES test if the bachelor’s degree was issued from
  4. The result of The GMAT test, the GRE test, if  the bachelor’s degree was issued outside Turkey.
  5. The high school certificate photocopy is translated and certified by Notary.
  6. Photo A detailed statement of the marks of the secondary certificate, translated into Turkish, and certified by Notary.
  7. The copy of the bachelor’s degree is translated and certified by Notary.
  8. Photo of the full bachelor’s degree statement, translated and certified by Notary.
  9. The image of the bachelor’s equation is translated and certified by Notary.
  10. Tomer’s certificate to prove the student’s mastery of Turkish.

A specific degree or rate may be required in a language certificate at least for a student to ensure that he or she has mastered the language.

  1. The photo of the residence or student visa is certified by The Notary.
  2. A letter of recommendation to two  student professors during his bachelor’s degree.
  3. Biography written by European standards.
  4. Receipt of the payment of the registration request.

When does registration for master’s degree begin in Turkey?

Master’s degrees are offered at Turkish universities twice a year, when registration begins the first time, before the beginning of the first semester of the school year, specifically  in    June and August.

The second time is registration before the beginning of the second semester of the school year, specifically  in  November  and December,  in addition to that the registration date varies from university to  university depending on the academic calendar.

How to enroll in Turkish universities to study master’s

The student can register electronically on the university’s website when opening the application door, by uploading the required documents  on the university’s website.

The university then interviews the students to determine the result of the master’s or master’s degree.

The assets of official documents are then handed over directly  to the  admissions deans  of each university and a section as specified by the  university administration.

Master’s  study costs in Turkey

The cost of studying master’s degrees in Turkey is very cheap compared to studying at other universities in Europe.

The cost per semester at Turkish public universities is usually less than US$1,000.

The cost  of   studying  master’s degree at private Turkish universities ranges from  US$5,000    to US$20,000  depending on specialization, language,  program,  availability of thesis and other factors, and can be paid in  several  installments.

It should be noted that the master’s study of Syrians in Turkey from the temporary protection card holders is free of charge during the morning study period, while it is for a fee if the study is in the  evening.

The cost of studying in Turkey in  general, other than university fees and premiums, was detailed in an earlier article, which we recommend you refer to.

Finally, if you want more details and advice on   studying master’s degree in Turkey so that you can choose the appropriate program specialty, get a university acceptance for a master’s degree in Turkey, and then register at a private Turkish university, feel free to contact the STUDY GO team for free consultation.

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