Private universities in Turkey have many advantages, Perhaps the most important of them is the excellent academic level, opening precise and practical specializations, which are in high demand in today’s labor markets as this helps graduates to engage in labor market jobs more quickly.

In this article from STUDY GO to study in Turkey, we show you the most important advantages of Turkey’s private universities, useful comparisons, and important information about education in Turkey for Arabs and international students.

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Private universities in Turkey offer a rich student life, inclusive of all methodological and unmechanical activities of higher education, as well as enjoyable social, sports and cultural activities.

While registering at Turkish public universities may not be easy for most of the foreign students, due to many factors…

The advantages of private universities in Turkey:

The following are the most prominent points that distinguish private Turkish universities:

  1. It’s relatively easy to obtain university admissions in Turkey within the private Turkish universities, on conditions that most students are able to provide, without being restricted to the international students’ share of seats for each university major, as in Turkish public universities.
  2. Most private universities in Turkey do not require passing entrance or aptitude exams.
  3. The student is accepted into Turkey’s private universities under a moderate rate, which many students can achieve in high school.
  4. If the study of your chosen major is in Turkish, most of Turkey’s private universities provide a preparatory year for language proficiency.
  5. The possibility of studying in Turkey in English within private   universities; And that is in various scientific specialties such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and various branches of engineering such as civil engineering, architecture, business administration specialties and even the sciences of humanities, literary and others.
  6. The openness of Turkish private universities to more global cultures, because they attract large numbers of international students, this provides a great opportunity to learn about the diverse customs and traditions of Turkish society, with a high receptivity by Turkish students and professors for their guests from all over the world.
  7. The Ease of access for students to their professors and discussing with them in their academic subjects.
  8. The availability of auditoriums and halls equipped with the latest technologies, advanced projectors, advanced computers, and even private university hospitals.
  9. An integrated infrastructure of laboratories, libraries, theaters, sites, sports fields and important facilities.
  10. Various cultural, artistic and sports activities throughout the year.
  11. It is possible to work while studying.

Choosing a university major and deciding to study in Turkey:

When a student graduates from high school, and reaches the stage of enrolling at the university, he faces the challenges of making a fateful decision, which may affect his academic and practical career for the rest of his life…

Therefore, studying in Turkey for Moroccans, for example, has become an alternative strongly proposed to students, as is the case in many countries of the region and the world, such as studying in Turkey for Syrians, and studying in Turkey for Egyptians and others…

This is because Turkey offers equal opportunities in education for all, and unlimited options for scientific and literary specialties.

And if you think about studying in Turkey, the first thing that may come to you is the question and comparison between applying to public Turkish universities and private universities in Turkey, and which one is more suitable for you?

The difference between private universities and public universities in Turkey:

In the following table, we have collected for you several points that we hope will serve as a road map to help you answer this question and determine the university that is most suitable for your requirements and circumstances, between public and private Turkish universities.

Statement Private universities in Turkey Public universities in Turkey
1 University admission Easy to obtain limited by a trade-off over a certain share for international students
2 The requirements to pass an aptitude test No Yes, they often require high scores in SAT, YOS or GMAT tests
3 Requirement of having a high GPA depending on university majors No Yes
4 Preparatory year for Turkish Yes Yes
5 Studying in English Lots of specialties Limited Specialties
6 An English test for admissions that are taught in English Yes, TOEFL, IELTS or a preparatory year for English Yes, TOEFL or IELTS with high rates
7 Studying in Arabic Limited specialties Limited specialties
8 Academic programs Constantly updated educational programs, in partnerships with European and American universities World-class educational programs among the top 500 universities in the world
9 University fees University fees are high with discounts and partial scholarships Prices of public universities in Turkey are low, with limited opportunities for admission to the Turkish scholarship
10 Openness to global cultures and wide acceptance of international students Extensive with the increasing number of international students More of a strictness academic environment
11 Student activities and Events Yes Yes
12 Social facilities Yes, often rich sports and cultural facilities are available Often limited to cultural activities such as major libraries and theaters
13 A university college for the faculties of Medicine and Dentistry Yes Yes
14 Campus and specialties Lots of specialties in Buildings and modern amenities There are specialties that are provided for some public universities, historical ancient buildings and others are modern
15 Numbers of Students Limited, It goes along with the capacity of the campuses and Class-halls Mostly you will find a huge number of students in one enormous-sized hall
16 The infrastructure, equipment and machines Modern infrastructure that is continuously being developed A main infrastructure for the educating process, but It doesn’t have the required support to keep pace always

How to Register in private Turkish universities:

Our dear students can communicate with our consulting team at STUDY GO company to study in Turkey to ease the process of their admission in the fitting Turkish universities that is chosen by the student.

That is among a lot of Private Turkish Universities that are distinguished and pioneering, that we received their official agency, with offering support and assistance before and after admission in addition to huge discounts that go up to 75% depending on the specialty.

Conditions for registering in private universities in Turkey:

The requirements to study in Turkey and to enroll in private universities is simple and not at all complicated, as students that have a high school degree is able to enroll in most of the private Turkish universities without the need of getting other certificates or degrees such as SAT, YOS or others.

Here we show some of the conditions and requirements of admission for Private Turkish universities:

  1. Acquiring a high school degree.
  2. Submitting the test result of the language the student will study in, taking the required language test after admission or attending a preparatory year for the language.
  3. Filling out the registration form completely and correctly and submit it online to receive the initial admission and you can benefit from the services of STUDY GO company to study in Turkey, to help you thoroughly in every step.
  4. Deposit the first installment of the tuition fees in the university’s bank account to obtain the final acceptance.
  5. Apply for a Turkish visa to come, complete the registration in person, and submit the paper file with the required supporting documents
  6. Start studying in Turkey at your new university.

Costs of studying in Turkey in private universities:

Universities in Turkey and their prices are another concern before deciding to study in private Turkish universities, but the dread goes away if we know that the cost is very reasonable compared to other European universities.

The average cost of one academic year according to the prices of private universities in Turkey is estimated between 2000 and 10 thousand dollars annually, for most engineering, administrative and social specialties.

While the costs of studying in Turkey for Iraqis exceed 10,000 dollars for medical specialties, for example… The cost of private universities in Turkey to study human medicine reaches 25 thousand dollars.

While the cost of housing in Turkey for the student is very encouraging, as university housing and youth housing can be provided at multiple levels, at preferential prices for students of most private universities in Istanbul, at an estimated cost of not more than $200 per month, within many European and Asian regions of Istanbul.

The cost of student life in Turkey is also appropriate in terms of quality and value, and most of the daily essentials, groceries, clothes, etc. can be obtained at cheaper prices than the market in several famous supermarkets such as departments of BIM stores, 101 stores, SOK stores and many others.

Moreover, the participatory nature of life for many students is a reason for reducing costs by more than half, accustoming them to self-reliance, and refining their life and social skills.

Scholarships and discounts in Turkish private universities:

It should be noted that there are partial scholarships that the student can apply for through STUDY GO company to study in Turkey to obtain a discount of a quarter, half or more of the annual fees, each according to their status, and there are useful discounts in some universities for the first students on their payment.

Ranking of private universities in Turkey:

The Turkish universities are specified generally in a high status universally, especially in the last few years that Turkey took care of universities and education with high care and a will to develop, as several its universities went in the ranking of 500 universities in the world.

The private universities are not less of valuable than public universities in the field of quality of education in Turkey, accredited academic programs nor the levels of scientific research, but they surpass them in many specific specialties.

Private universities in Turkey occupy advanced rankings among other universities, as they are subject to continuous evaluation according to precise standards and controls; Calculate the areas and numbers of students, and the number of branches and specializations in them…

Not to mention the control of its teaching staff, teaching equipment, and the continuous modernization of laboratories, laboratories, devices, and technologies.

We hope that we have provided a useful summary that will help our students determine the Turkish university that suits them. For more advice and services, do not hesitate to contact us. We are the STUDY GO team to study in Turkey to provide you with useful information and the required service in a professional and reliable manner.

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