In synchronization with turkey’s academic development, the demand for registering at Turkish universities has increased by international students in general, and Arab students in Turkey in particular, with the possibility of choosing the appropriate university  specialization, without the requirements of a always high rate in high school.

This article from STUDY GO for studying in Turkey reviews the steps of registration at Universities of Turkey, the papers and documents required, while explaining how to shorten the time and complete the registration procedures successfully.

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At the beginning of your quest to realize your dream of studying  in Turkey, you should be familiar with all the information about the registration mechanism at the university where you chose to study, including the official papers to be submitted to the university administration.

Documents required  to register  at  Turkish  universities

When registering at a private or public Turkish university, you need to  submit the following documents:

  • Passport photo.
  • Personal photo.
  • High school
  • High school transcript.
  • The yös test certificate “for Some universities and specialties”.
  • SAT test certificate “for some universities and specialties”.
  • Translation of the above-mentioned documents into Turkish “for some universities”.

Steps to register  at  Turkish  universities

You can register at public or private universities in Turkey, through the following steps:

  1. Select the appropriate specialty, such as studying medicine in Turkey for example.
  2. Choose the language of study from Turkish, English or other languages if found in your specialty.
  3. Look for universities that meet your requirements, take into account the university’s location in any Turkish city, and its academic evaluation locally and internationally, particularly the rating of the required specialization.
  4. Compare the alternatives available in terms of price, quality and location, the availability of scholarships and their conditions and how to obtain them.
  5. Prepare the documents required to register at the university of your choice, bearing in mind that application documents may vary from a university to another.
  6. Upload an electronic copy of the required documents to the university’s electronic registration portal, or send them via the educational participant’s email.
  7. Make sure that the conditions under which you get university admission are met, some universities require a yös test, or the SAT
  8. After receiving university admission and paying at least the first installment, you can extract your student visa from the Turkish Consulate in your country, so you can enter Turkey and start your education journey.
  9. After arriving at the Turkish territory, you should choose a student accommodation suitable for your preferred lifestyle, such as university housing, youth or independent housing.
  10. Then go to your university headquarters in order to provide the original copies of the official documents to complete the final registration, and start studying at Turkey.

In order to shorten the time and effort, you can contact our team at  STUDY GO Studying Company in Turkey,  to follow up on your behalf the registration procedures, after  providing  free educational consultation on university specialties that suit you and meet your aspirations.

How to register at Turkish universities through STUDY GO

  • Contact our team of accredited educational advisors, to clarify the education stage and specialization you would like to study.
  • The education consultant recommend the best private universities for you according to the required specialization, providing you with details of the costs of studying in Turkey and the necessary documents.
  • Choose the right university according to the recommendations of the specialist,  along with sending the required documents to register at the STUDY GO Educational Advisor.
  • Our team begins the process of enrolling students at the university, from submitting the file to issuing initial admission, which in most universities takes 15 days.
  • Pay the first installment of the tuition expenses to the university account until the final university acceptance letter is issued.
  • Our team at STUDY GO will sends you a “student document” for free, without any additional expenses.
  • Submit the final acceptance letter to the Turkish Embassy in your country, in order to obtain the student’s visa to enter Turkey.
  • After receiving the Turkish visa, our representative welcomes you at Istanbul International Airport, taking you to your residence in a comfortable private car.
  • Our representative accompanies you to the Office of Student Affairs to facilitate and complete the final registration process at the university by submitting the original required documentation to the university administration, with a copy translated into Turkish and communicating with Turkish officials whenever necessary.

Finally, if you would like more details and advice on registering at Turkish universities,   so that you can book a seat  at one of Turkey’s most prestigious universities, feel free to contact the STUDY GO team  for  a free consultation.

In addition to taking advantage of the educational packages, offers and special services we provide to our students before and after registration, at competitive prices with discounts up to 75%  depending on the specialty and the university.

Get in touch with us now.

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