After the student comes to Turkey, he must start the procedure for obtaining residency before 90 days before the date of entry, or during the validity of his visa if it is less than 90 days, to be legally present in Turkish territory.

Advantages of student residence in Turkey:

  • Stay in Turkey legally until the end of the study period.
  • Moving between states without the need for a travel permit or the like.
  • Travel to his country and return to Turkey without the need to get a visa.
  • The student can get a student transport card and benefit from discounts on transportation in Turkey.

How much does it cost to stay in Turkey?

The cost of obtaining a student’s residence permit is the costs of health insurance for the student, which is equivalent to about 2000 liras per year in addition to the state fees and varies according to the nationality of the student as it starts from 80 to 350 Turkish liras.

How long does the student stay in Turkey?

The student gets a residence permit for a maximum of one year and renews according to the student’s study, for example the student was studying at the university, so you give him a residence permit for one year and when he enters the second year he  renews the residence and in case the duration of his studies is less than one year, he gets the residence permit for the period of his studies such as 3 months or four months and so on…

Can a student get Turkish citizenship?

The student’s residence does not give the holder the right to obtain Turkish citizenship in the fifth year, but only the holders of work residence and real estate residence are entitled.

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