At the outset, we will learn about the specialization of business administration in general, as well as the details of studying in Turkish universities, materials and specialized courses for studying business administration in private universities.

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What is business administration?

The specialization of business administration is one of the specialties that express the mechanism of processes, tasks and activities that organize business of various kinds, such as the work of government institutions and facilities in the administrative and organizational departments, and all organizations that need to organize, control, plan, supervise, lead and follow-up, as this specialization is briefed on a lot of information in many areas, such as management, marketing, finance, human resources and accounting.

What are the advantages of studying business administration?

The specialization of business administration is one of the specialties that attracts a lot of students, as it is the specialization associated with the management of companies and their continuity, and the profits from the specialty are good, and in recent times the average annual income of the specialist in management has increased significantly, which means the importance of specialization and increased demand for it.

Business areas specializing in business administration after graduation:

The business sector is one of the sectors rich in employment opportunities, and one of the most important jobs that graduates in specialization can work in their fields:

Production and planning management Data management and analysis General Administration
Sales Management Project Management Human Resources Management
Stock investment Budget preparation and management Financial planning and management
marketing Digital marketing Develop strategies
Accounting Managing Director Production Manager
Bank Manager Marketing Manager Public Relations Manager
Chief Financial Officer Sales Manager Project Manager
Purchasing Manager Administrative advisor


The most important subjects and courses covered by the specialty of business administration:

There are subjects that a student studying business administration must study in his or her specialty years, including:

Administrative Communications Strategic Management International Business Administration
Production management Research Department Marketing Department
Change and Development Management Total quality management Operations and Production Department
Financial Management Project Management Small Business Management
knowledge management Human Resources Management Entrepreneurial
Operations Research Computer analysis techniques Organization and planning
Guidance and control Feasibility studies Administrative Control
Regulatory conduction Communication methods and requirements Public Relations
Management Principles English terms in the business communication process Data and information collection methodology
Methodology for the development of hypotheses and theories Organization Theory Organizational structures
Administrative positions


What are the departments of business administration specialty?

Business specialty is an important specialization, and includes several complementary sections:

  • Public Relations:  These are the activities carried out by the foundation to introduce people to the nature of its work using a variety of means, in order to develop the performance of the company.
  • Marketing:  Includes the activities carried out by the company in order to identify the target group of customers.
  • Advertising or marketing:  Includes the promotion of services and products provided by the company, as well as interest in advertising methods.
  • Finance:  It takes care of the financial matters of the company.
  • Logistics operations:  It is responsible for the flow of goods, products and resources.
  • Human Resources:  The human factor is interested in managing everything related to financial matters, such as profits, losses and capital.

You can learn about the most important information about studying business administration in Turkey and learn about the most important Turkish universities and important costs, conditions and information.

Business studies costs in Turkey

The wages of a business administration study in Turkey are average wages compared to other countries, between $2,000 and $8,000 in private universities, while grants are low, and there are significant reductions for those registered through STUDY GO  to study in Turkey.

Business administration in the master’s and doctoral program:

Graduate programs in business administration are important specialties in which many follow, and basic courses include:

Financial Management and Analysis Administrative Economy Creating new projects
Organizational dynamics Production and operations management Strategic management and business simulation
Strategic Marketing Department


Optional courses include:

Advanced Macroeconomics Advanced Microeconomics Trademark Management
Inter-corporate marketing Capital and investment markets Consumer behavior
Practice contemporary marketing Corporate finance Standard economy
Property rights assessment Financial accounting Financial benchmark economy
Financial markets and institutions Global economy External funding
International Marketing Marketing simulation Political Economy for Development
Public Finance Quantitative methods Mortgage
Risk modelling and analysis Securities, benefits and options Turkish Economy


Universities studying business administration in Turkey:

University name Study in Turkish Study in English
Aydin University  4500 5000 
Bilgi University –   6500
BehçeşehirT University –   7900
Okan University  4600 4800 


What advantages can a student get if he applies through our STUDYGO?

  1. The student gets special discounts of up to 75% of the value of the annual tuition fees.
  2. We are preparing the residency file so that the student can obtain the study residency.
  3. We direct the student to begin the procedures for amending the academic certificate and to schedule an appointment to submit papers for free.
  4. Once the student arrives in Turkey, he is received from the airport.
  5. We offer the initial admission service at the university free of charge without any costs or fees.
  6. The student is assisted during the final registration process at the university and is accompanied by a representative to finish the registration process correctly.
  7. Proceeding from the principle that the interest of the student is a priority for us, what we also care about is following up the students during their studies and helping them with any problem that may occur with them.
  8. STUDYGO has a specialized staff that provides scientific advice to students

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