The specialization of biomedical engineering in Turkey has witnessed a great acceleration in parallel with the development achieved in the world, in the field of research and development, in addition to the field of education, and the development achieved by Turkey in the health field has reached an icon with Its modern infrastructure and advanced hospitals.

Distinguishing the health sector in Turkey

Turkish hospitals have received international recognition for their advanced infrastructure, winning the highest percentage of the Joint Commission International’s recognition, attracting foreigners who carry out medical tourism in search of treatment, and winning the praise of the Regional Director of the World Health Organization, who said regarding its management of the Corona crisis: Turkey has succeeded in protecting the elderly thanks to its measures.

Turkey has many health organizations and hospitals, which operate under an infrastructure with advanced technology, especially private hospitals in Turkey equipped with the most advanced technological equipment.

The Turkish government’s interest in the health field is clearly highlighted by its work on the establishment of large medical cities, the latest of which contained 4,000 beds in Ankara, the most important of which are: Bahçeşehir Medical City, located in Istanbul within the European section, as it is the largest medical city in all of Europe.

Features of studying in Turkey

Turkey allows the student to get acquainted with diverse cultures, with its different communities around the world, it embraces Arabs, Europeans, Asians, Africans, and other communities and nationalities.

The options available to study biomedical engineering in Turkey are varied, as universities are spread in it, giving the student more flexibility in choosing the university that suits him, and the number of universities in Turkey according to the statistics of 2019 reached 209 universities, the majority of which are public universities of 129, while the number of private universities is 77 universities.

The large number of universities results in the intensification of competition among them, and therefore there is a strong motivation to develop their services continuously, and this benefits students through what they find of better educational services, especially with the presence of universities that seek excellence globally and achieve advanced results in this, and emerged attractive universities for students from different places around the world, such as Bahçeşehir University, Sabancı and Özyeğin.

University students in Turkey receive student accommodation, in addition to several features such as a card that allows them to enter tourist attractions and museums for free or cheaply, a discounted transportation card, as well as the opportunity to benefit from discounts on goods and restaurants… In addition, Turkish university degrees are generally recognized in most countries of the world.

Those with experience and knowledge can be consulted in order to learn about the strength of the university degree you intend to enroll in, such as: Consult StudyGo (an authorized agent for a number of private universities) that offers free consultations, as well as other services that make it easier for you to start your university life.

What is Biomedical Engineering?

It is also called the engineering of medical technologies, and  this science studies the human being geometrically, as it is distinguished from many engineering disciplines  in that it  combines engineering and medicine, it is a synonymous and auxiliary specialty of medicine that studies the human body or organism in order to design the appropriate technology, such as prosthetics.

It is an area characterized by continuous development, due to technological development and the increasing need for devices that support the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of doctors, and the treatment of diseases, medical and technical problems.

This specialization therefore allows you to progress continuously, as well as make a high income.

It includes medical devices, as well as technical and administrative aspects, such as: hospital management, prosthetic production institutions and various medical equipment.

Why study Biomedical Engineering in Turkey?

Universities that teach biomedical engineering in Turkey have a set of general qualities that have earned education in Turkey a good reputation that has made many people from different places around the world seek to learn in them, without denying the disparity between these universities in their qualities, including:

Universities have laboratories and laboratories with modern educational facilities, have a cadre of specialized academics with degrees from inside and outside Turkey, and have dedicated student clubs and workshops for engineering students.

Turkish universities are keen to establish strong relations with international universities to help them to continuously develop and maintain the modernity of the technologies and equipment they offer.

Because of the strength of universities in Turkey, the degrees they offer are recognized by many Arab and European universities.

Universities Teaching Medical Engineering in Turkey

The most important of these universities are:

Üsküdar University

Üsküdar University was officially established in 2011 with a medical orientation and foundation since its inception, as NB Group (Medical Group) established it providing it with equipment with advanced technology, such as functional magnetic resonance, volumetric MR, QEEC, EKT, RTMS and others, to be one of the illuminating beacons of the world with the development of its infrastructure.

At the international level, the university has been able to be a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program, in addition to having partnerships with other universities and Arab and European accreditation.

The university was distinguished by its laboratories and libraries with advanced and modern technologies, until it occupied the peak of development in Turkey, showing its capabilities in the preparation of laboratories, such as: brain laboratories and health physics studies, and provided superior research and academic opportunities within the specialization of biomedical engineering in Turkey.

The years of study of biomedical engineering at Üsküdar University for a bachelor’s degree are divided into four years, which is in English, and the master’s degree provided by the university is in Turkish.

Bahçeşehir University

Bahçeşehir University is distinguished by its international strength as well as its privileged location, which made the university attractive to international students from different places around the world, whose number exceeded 8,000 students, and the university has the ambition to be among the top 500 universities in the world in 2023.

The university has 2,330 cooperation agreements with business organizations, owns more than 193 international partners, and agreements with various universities from around the world exceed 110 agreements.

You can graduate from the specialization of Biomedical Engineering at Bahçeşehir University with a bachelor’s degree within 4 academic years, and the language of instruction is English, as well as the university provides a master’s degree in biomedical engineering in Turkey in English and allows two systems of study of the master’s degree: one with a thesis, the other without a thesis.

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