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Studying in Turkey is no longer a distant dream. Rather, it has become a soon and feasible for students from all around the world in general and from Middle Eastern countries, Arab countries and Islamic countries in particular.

Not to mention the good level of the most Turkish public universities and private universities in the ranking of the best universities in the world.

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Why Studying in Turkish universities:

During the past two decades, successive Turkish governments have adopted pioneering development policies and have given education with its various levels and scientific research a top priority and large budgets have been assigned for them.

They also initiated the opening of new universities in various Turkish cities and regions; in fact, in every city you can find one or more universities.

Today, more than ever, major Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and others are filled with dozens of distinguished universities, while scientific specialities in them vary greatly.

These universities, both private and public, grant academic degrees of various degrees, from bachelor’s to master’s to doctorate and even post-doctoral studies as hundreds of theses are issued by them every year.

Advantages of Studying in Turkey:

The turnout of international students to public universities and private universities in Turkey has increased dramatically in recent years, due to a number of academic and objective reasons, including, but not limited to:

  1. The quality of higher education outputs in Turkey.
  2. Faculties and universities in Turkey meeting the requirements of the business market by opening modern and required majors.
  3. The big number of Turkish universities that reached to around 210 universities in all Turkish cities, opens huge opportunities for students to study to choose studying all scientific and literary specialities.
  4. The continuous improvement in the Turkish universities ranking globally and including many Turkish universities withing the top 500 universities in the world.
  5. The moderation of study costs in Turkey generally, as in a lot of the departments and scientific levels, the university tuitions are less than 6000 USDs.
  6. The multilingualism in Turkish departments and faculties, and of course The Turkish language has the largest share, but the number of the universities that open departments and faculties for Studying in English in Turkey is rising year by year.
  7. in addition to many of the leading Turkish universities provided teaching in Arabic as well for some specialities in them.
  8. The strong health care system in Turkey that covers all the segments of society, with a lot of facilities and almost free for most students in Turkey.
  9. They provide full and partial scholarships, and huge discounts that the private Turkish universities offer every year, that reach to 75% for some specialities, which doubles the student’s chances of obtaining high-quality education with competitive prices.

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  1. Easiness in issuing the necessary identification documents for the Student in Turkey, the most important of which is the student residency in Turkey that is renewable for the duration of their studies.
  2. The public transportation card for students studying in Turkey, enjoys huge preferential prices compared to the prices of other cards and it is issued to all students in Turkish universities.
  3. The moderate climate in Turkey during most seasons of the year, which makes living in Turkey a pleasure in itself.
  4. Provides social, sports and cultural activities and events throughout the year, which helps students build a useful network of relationships before and after graduation, and contributes to refining their strong and balanced personalities.
  5. Turkey’s strategic location in the heart of the world, which makes traveling from and to Turkey not take more than a few hours by plane, to reach most of the region’s cities in the Arab world, Europe and the Middle East. This means more reduced prices for flights during holidays and vacations that students can spend it in their country and among their family.
  6. The convergence of eastern customs and traditions between Turkey and the countries of the region, in addition to the great civilizational development that the countries are witnessing to keep pace with the requirements for entry into the European Union.

The Study Costs in Turkey 2021:

It goes without saying that the study costs in Turkey within public universities are low, and almost free; But obtaining university admission in Turkey within public universities is not an easy task!!

Conditions for studying in Turkey | public universities:

There are specific admission tests ahead of you for Turkish and foreign students, such as YOS and SAT, not to mention Turkish language proficiency requirements, or TOEFL test for studying in English.

Then comes the comparison on the share of foreign students for each university; Perhaps the acceptance of Turkish scholarship is the shortest way to reach Turkish public universities, but this is a cherished dream, and it contains many calculations, quotas for countries, and other requirements that are not always available.

Easiness of Studying within Private universities in Turkey:

Whereas, the costs of studying at private universities in Turkey are very reasonable when compared to university fees in other countries in the region, and are often cheaper than universities in the student’s own country, and of higher quality.

For example, the cost of studying a master’s degree in Turkey for a major in Business Administration is about $2000 at Istanbul Aydın University.

It is one of the best private universities in Istanbul, and its faculties are distributed in both the European and the Asian sides of the city of the two continents.

And it contains dozens of scientific and literary specialities, while it is teaching in several languages such as English, Arabic and Turkish.

While the costs of studying medicine in Turkey for Iraqis, for example, about 10-15 thousand dollars annually, according to the university.

Advantages of studying in private universities in Turkey:

Private universities in Turkey offer many facilities for foreign students, including:

  • The opportunity of studying in English or Arabic to summarize the duration of learning of learning Turkish.
  • Getting a university admission in Turkey, without applying for public comparison, or admission tests, as well as bypassing other requirements of Turkish public universities.
  • Big discounts when enrolling in private Turkish universities up to 75% in the scientific and humanity majors.
  • The possibility of obtaining scholarships from private Turkish universities, whether full or partial scholarships, and STUDY GO is pleased to help you to study in Turkey.
  • The most important quality is that studying at private universities in Turkey offer the students the freedom of choosing the specialities they want and reserve their university seats without prior conditions.

the conclusion of our review of the most important opportunities and advantages of studying in Turkey, we would like to emphasize that the student in Turkey receives special attention and preferential treatment within many services, medical and sports sectors.

Such as granting student residence in Turkey, and a transportation card for students with a symbolic price; Not to mention medical insurance and treatment in government hospitals.

So, if Turkey is your preferred destination to study today, do not hesitate to contact us at STUDY GO for studying in Turkey, so that you can get free advice, the best offers, services and educational packages.

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Sources: The Turkish Council of Higher Education + the official site to study in Turkey

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