Turkey is characterized by having world-class, high-ranking universities that offer students of mechatronics engineering in Turkey a good reputation in the scientific and professional community.

This article highlights three universities that offer mechatronic engineering in its distinctive style, while highlighting the ideal method that you can follow to compare universities to choose the most appropriate one.

What is Mechatronic Engineering?

Before talking about mechatronic engineering, it is useful to talk about engineering in general, which is: the process of applying science and experiments to achieve benefit, which is a vast field that includes diverse disciplines, such as: civil engineering, architecture, aeronautical engineering, electrical engineering…

Turkish universities also have more than 30 engineering disciplines, and among these disciplines that have received the attention of many: mechatronic engineering.

So what is mechatronic engineering?

Mechatronic Engineering: It is one of the engineering disciplines that is concerned with the design of products that work based on the integration of mechanical systems, electrical systems and computer systems, so that it coordinates these systems through a single control panel.

In other words: Mechatronic engineering combines more than one engineering discipline (computer engineering, electricity, mechanics).

Therefore, the study of mechatronics engineering means the study of multiple materials from diverse fields, including: robotics, control systems, computer applications, engineering materials, electrical circuits, and machine mechanics.

2-  Studying mechatronics engineering in Turkey

To talk about the advantages of studying mechatronic engineering in Turkey, we address here three important Turkish universities that offer the study of this specialization within their faculties, namely: Okan University, Bahçeşehir University, and Gelişim University.

A-  Studying Mechatronics Engineering at Okan University, Istanbul

The strength of Okan University is highlighted by its orientation declared in its slogan “The University closest to business life”, it focuses on preparing students for working life, so the university has provided a team of academics with practical experience, in addition to helping students enter the labor market since their first year.

The University has cooperation agreements with various parties to help it achieve its direction, including: the Turkish-Eurasian Business Council, the Turkish Contractors Association, Turkish Airlines, the Council on Foreign Economic Relations in Turkey, and the Information and Communication Technology Authority.

The university has great facilities to offer quality education, which include state-of-the-art classrooms, computer and technical halls, and conference rooms.

The university also includes facilities that help the student to use his free time to his benefit, which include various sports fields within the sports center, a social center that contains student club rooms, a shopping place, cafes and restaurants.

The duration of study of mechatronics engineering in Turkey at Okan University is 4 years, and the language of study is English.

B- Studying Mechatronics Engineering at Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul

The strength of Bahçeşehir University is highlighted by the understanding of its slogan (World University in the heart of Istanbul and the confluence of the two continents), where this university has been able to attract more than 8,000 international students due to its privileged location within the city of Istanbul (its main campus on the edge of the Bosphorus), as well as its relations and international standing, the university has more than 193 international partners.

Bahçeşehir University occupies an advanced position at the level of Turkish universities, and has won many awards for this, it has won the first place for two years in a row 2017-2018 as the best exporter of Turkey in the category of “Export of flag”, and in 2017 the university won the award of “Excellent Brands in Turkey”.

The university has more than 2330 cooperative relationships, and allows its students to complete their studies in the branches of the university around the world, and the duration of study of mechatronic engineering is 4 years, and the language of its instruction is English.

C- Studying Mechatronics Engineering at Giliçim University, Istanbul

The university has set its goal of universality, and the university was able in its quest to reach the forefront in obtaining international accreditations in 2017-2018, so that the faculties of engineering obtained American accreditation = (APET) and British accreditation (PEARSON) international.

The university has also received accreditations from several Arab countries, such as Egypt, Jordan, and Algeria.

The university has a research complex of 125 workshops and laboratories, the most prominent of which are computer laboratories, so we can say that Gelişim University is one of the scientifically distinguished universities, and therefore was able to attract more than 31,000 international students.

During the study of mechatronic engineering, Gelişim University offers the opportunity to get support in establishing your new projects, and the history of the university has proven to be distinguished in this, as many of the projects launched by it have received a registered patent.

But in order to study mechatronics at Gelişim University, it is important that you master Turkish, as it is the language used by the university to teach this specialization.

3-    Choosing the right university to study mechatronics engineering in Turkey

Studying mechatronics engineering in Turkey and choosing the right university from among the diverse options is not easy.

The universities that offer the study of mechatronic engineering  in Turkey vary within their faculties, and each of them has its own advantages that attract students to it, so it is important to compare the available universities to choose the most suitable ones.

First of all, it is important that the goal that drives you to study is clear, and at the same time that you are aware of your different needs and material abilities, and accordingly you set the criteria on which the selection is based, giving each criterion the importance it deserves, and among the criteria that must be taken into account:

  • The level of study offered by the university: For example, if you are looking to study a master’s degree in mechatronic engineering after completing your undergraduate studies, you will delete from the list of available options the university that does not provide this scientific level, although it offers a bachelor’s degree in mechatronic engineering.
  • Language requirements: If you are not fluent in Turkish and do not want to learn it, and you want to study in Turkey in the English you are proficient in, the list of options includes only universities that teach mechatronic engineering in English.

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