Medical engineering in Turkey has developed rapidly in parallel with the development it has achieved in the world, in the field of research and development in addition to the field of education, and the development that Turkey has achieved in the health field has reached the point of becoming an icon with its infrastructure and advanced hospitals.

Turkey’s progress did not stop at the health field, as it is a prestigious country in the field of education, attracting international students to its universities from different places around the world, who found in it the appropriate option for them with the advantages it provides, and among the educational specializations that deserved the attention of some Turkish universities are the engineering specialization Medical Center is presently gaining a good reputation.

Distinguishing the health sector in Turkey

 Turkish hospitals have been internationally appreciated for their advanced infrastructure and have won the highest percentage of recognition by the Joint International Commission and have attracted foreigners who are looking for medical tourism in search of treatment and have won the praise of the World Health Organization’s regional director for their management of the Corona crisis in the field of protecting the elderly.

Turkey includes many health organizations and hospitals considering an infrastructure that enjoys advanced technology, and the development of technological equipment has been manifested in its best form within public and private hospitals in Turkey alike.

The Turkish government’s interest in the health field is clear through its establishment of large medical cities, the last of which was containing 4000 beds in Ankara, and the most important of these cities: “Bahçeşehir Medical City” located in Istanbul within the European section, which was classified as the largest medical city in Europe.

The advantages of studying in Turkey

Turkey allows the student to learn about various cultures, and at the same time meet with those who share the same cultural and ethnic background, as it contains communities from different places around the world, Arabs, Europeans, Asians, Africans and other communities and nationalities.

The options available to study medical engineering in Turkey are varied, as there are different universities in it, giving the student more flexibility in choosing the university that suits him.

The number of universities in Turkey, according to the 2019 statistic, reached 129 public universities and 77 private universities.

The large number of universities results in the intensification of competition between them, and therefore they have a strong motivation to constantly develop their services, and this is beneficial to the students for the better educational services they find, especially with the presence of universities whose ambitions have reached advanced ranks in the ranking of universities at the global level.

Universities that are attractive to study medical equipment engineering in Turkey have emerged for students from different places around the world, such as Bahçeşehir University, Sabancı University, and Özyeğin University, which offer degrees recognized in most countries of the world.

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University students in Turkey obtain student residence in Turkey, and a card that allows them to enter tourist attractions and museums for free or at a reduced cost, in addition to a reduced transportation card, and the opportunity to benefit from discounts on goods, restaurants and cafes.

What is medical engineering?

It is one of the engineering disciplines that is concerned with creating machines in the medical field. In other words, it combines mechanical engineering and medicine. It is a secondary and auxiliary specialty to medicine that designs, and monitors technology related to the medical field.

It is a field of continuous development, due to technological development and the increase in the need for devices that support the efficiency and effectiveness of doctors in treating diseases and medical and technical problems, and therefore this specialization allows you to advance continuously, in addition to achieving high income.

Medical engineering differs from bioengineering in that medical engineering is concerned with the application of engineering principles to the design of medical devices, while bioengineering is concerned with the application of engineering principles to biological elements and biomedical technology.

Why study medical engineering in Turkey?

Turkish universities are characterized by a set of general characteristics that earned education in Turkey a good reputation that made many from different places around the world seek to learn, without denying the disparity between these universities in their characteristics, including:

  • Allocating student clubs and workshops for engineering students and providing laboratories and laboratories with modern educational facilities.
  • Appointing a cadre of specialized academics with certificates from inside and outside Turkey.
  • Establishing relationships with international universities that help in continuous development and maintaining the modernity of the technologies and equipment provided.
  • University degrees that have been recognized by Arab and European universities.

Universities that study medical engineering in Turkey

Among the most famous and most important universities that teach medical engineering in Turkey are:

Bahçeşehir University

Bahçeşehir University is distinguished by its international strength in addition to its distinguished location, which made the university attractive to more international students from different places around the world, who numbered more than 8000 students, and the university has ambitions to be among the top 500 universities in the world by 2023.

The university has obtained 2,330 cooperation agreements with business organizations, more than 193 international partners, and more than 110 agreements with different universities around the world.

Bahçeşehir University is one of the most important medical engineering universities in Turkey, and you can graduate from a medical equipment engineering major in Turkey with a bachelor’s degree within 4 academic years. Studying at Bahçeşehir University does not need to learn the Turkish language to study, as the language of education for bachelors and masters is English, the university offers its students two modes of master’s study: one with a thesis, and the other without a thesis.

Isik University

The university is stationed in Istanbul, in both the Asian part (Sile region) and the European part (Maslak region). to beneficial results for humanity and society.

The university provides a variety of services that enrich the educational life of international students, for example, it provides medical services, as well as student housing with different options and prices in a clean and environmentally friendly protected environment.

The university contains sports facilities in the belief that practicing sports has a positive impact on educational attainment, allowing students the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that you may find it difficult to know whether some universities offer a medical engineering major by looking at their advertisements, because they may use the term medical engineering interchangeably with the term biomedical engineering, so the medical engineering major is different from the bioengineering major.

Therefore, you may need someone who has experience in Turkish universities to guide you to universities that provide medical engineering (medical machines) without bioengineering, or vice versa, in order to avoid a mistake that may change your life path to study medical device engineering in Turkey that you have planned, and then you communicate with the university to make sure that it is the required specialization.

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Our article has highlighted Bahçeşehir University and Isik University, among the many options for studying at the Faculty of Medical Engineering in Turkey.

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