In this article, we will talk about studying Medicine in Turkey, we will also talk about the available specialties and the best Turkish universities to study Medicine and Dentistry in:

Studying in Turkey generally is based on a high level of quality, the teaching staff is special in Turkish universities and it’s a world of great opportunities to acquire the skills that are needed to catch up with the era of medical evolution. Turkish universities contain the best doctors in all specialties from different nationalities around the world. Also, the degrees and certificates that are granted from Turkish universities are recognized in most parts of the world.

You read in this article:

  • Introduction to studying medicine in Turkish universities.
  • Available medical specialties in Turkish universities.
  • Study human medicine in Turkey.
  • Studying dentistry in Turkey.
  • What advantages can a student get if he applies through our STUDYGO office?

Introduction to studying medicine in Turkish universities:

The study of medicine particularly is the demanded specialty in Turkey as private Turkish universities have the best advanced laboratories to study medicine allowing their students to train in those laboratories.

As well as their own private hospitals, they allow their students in all specialties to train in them which leads to their students gaining some experience during their studies.

The student also gets an opportunity to study and train in international universities because private Turkish universities are considered an official member of the Erasmus program for student exchange between Turkey and European Union countries which made Turkish universities global because they have agreements and contracts with a lot of Arab European countries.

Available medical specialties in Turkish universities:

1) Medicine

2) Dentistry

3) Pharmacy

Here is an overview of studying medicine in Turkey:

The number of years to study for medicine in Turkey is 6 years, in the first three years of studying medicine, there is the KOMITE system, which means a parts group of subjects and these parts revolve around a specific topic, for example, the head group, it studies all the head and its diseases.

In the fourth year, the practical and working side begins at STAJ hospitals.

In the fifth and the sixth year, the practical training phase of medicine begins with greater comprehensiveness as there are no exams besides a small salary that covers study expenses.

Medicine in Turkey is taught in both English and Turkish depending on the university and the student’s desire.

Now we will mention you the best private universities to study medicine.

Some people wonder why private universities and not public universities?

The answer is simply because public universities require some of their own private exams such as YÖS and SAT in addition to the high school baccalaureate certificate.

As for private universities, they do not have such condition, which simplify the opportunity for the admission, and gives greater chances for students wishing to study medical specialities in general.


Here are the most important universities with fees, knowing that these fees are annually:

Name of the university studying in Turkish (USD) Studying in English (USD)
Aydin University 15000 19500
BAU University 25000
Okan University 19500 20500
Uskudar University 14000 15000
Medipol University 18000 23400
Atilim University 15000
Maltepe University 10000 14000
Atlas University 15000 15000
ِAltinbas University 25000


Studying dentistry in Turkey:

The years of studying dentistry in Turkey extend to 5 academic years. They specialize in studying, diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases that that affect the mouth, gums, face, teeth and the surrounding tissues.

Everyday, the specialty of dentistry witnesses a development in various aspects related to it. As several branches branched out from it, such as orthodontics, periodontic, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry, and others. 

There are no conditions for applying to study dentistry at private universities. Here are the most important universities with fees, knowing that these fees are annually:

University name Studying in Turkish (USD)

Studying in English (USD)

Aydin University 14000 17500
BAU University 25000
Okan University 17500 18500
Uskudar University 13000
Atilim University    
Maltepe University    
Atlas University 12000 14000
Medipol University 14400 18000
Antalya Bilim University 19000


Advantages of registering through Study Go:

  • Complete information about the major that the student wishes to study and information about the universities in which the major is located (for free).
  • Receiving the student’s file from the beginning and following it up permanently until the end of registration at the university completely (free of charge)
  • Securing admission from universities for free (free of charge)
  • Reception of the student from the airport (free of charge)
  • Issuance of a student card (free of charge) for transportation and a university student card.
  • Helping the student to meet the appropriate university housing (free of charge).
  • Assign a special employee to follow up on the student from start to finish (free of charge).

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