Turkey is a country with a great civilization and cultural history and is one of the countries that is witnessing great development and growth at all levels, and we will mention in this article five reasons that why does a student choose Turkey sought by any student who decides to study abroad, the simplicity of living and smoothness in life and respect for the law, customs and traditions is what distinguishes Turkey, it is a country of:

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Why does a student choose Turkey:

History, culture and civilization:

For thousands of years, Turkey has embraced many ancient civilizations and diverse cultures and you can easily find someone who speaks your language within Turkish society.

Turkey is a country of nature:

A country where the four seasons live together where there is unique beauty in every corner.

Turkey is a country with a strong health system:

It is a leader in various medical fields and has a giant infrastructure, a strong social security system and high-quality medical tourism programs.

Turkey is an economic and commercial country:

The unique geographical location, economic power, legal facilities, the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship and the diversity of investment areas made Turkey one of the best investment countries in the world.

Turkey is a student friendly environment:

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